Official Brand Overview

Squeeze Dried incorporates all of the best fruits and vegetables into a convenient, on-the-go powder stick. Just pour, shake, and drink! Welcome to Squeeze Dried! All of us here at the Squeeze Dried Farm grew up in sunny San Diego. Throughout our childhood to the present day, we have been exposed to the numerous health food stores, the bountiful farmers markets (every day of the week), and the staple neighborhood juice shops. There is no denying that this thriving California Coastal city is capital to some of the most health conscious, nutrition driven cultures in the world. By bringing our childhood experiences to the Squeeze Dried Farm and matching it with our desire to eat healthy, we have created a convenient way to get your daily fruits and vegetables without the price tag. With a little hard work, positive energy, and surrounding ourselves with local farmers, we are able to bring you the highest quality fruits, vegetables, and nutrients in the form of a convenient, daily care package. Squeeze Dried - the most convenient juice cleanse directly from the farm to the table.

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