Star Nectar



Official Brand Overview

StarNectar drinks are all natural reduced calorie fruit blends uniquely formulated for you based on when you were born. Our light fruity refreshments contain under 100 calories per 12oz bottle and are sweetened with natural juice, organic cane sugar, and stevia rebiana. Each StarNectar SKU is named after a birth sign i.e. Libra, Scorpio, Gemini and is enhanced with ingredients that are either harvested during the time frame of your sign, have the same color attributes of your sign, or complement the attributes of your sign. Government research indicates that over 30 million Americans read their horoscopes on a regular basis. Many millions more know their sign and have some form of personal connection with it. Our concept aims to create a personalized beverage experience for the millions of consumers who have a personal connection with their birth sign.

Current product lineup