Tea of a Kind

by Tea of A Kind

Official Brand Overview

These aren't just sayings. They are guiding principles. And, they are personal. We believe: The right choices go beyond trend. Living healthy is more pleasurable than not. The harmony of science and nature is beautiful. Small adjustments can create invigorating change. The most enjoyable experiences are those that touch all five senses. Like many people, Tea of a Kind’s founder and its President both struggled with serious illnesses that were the direct result of a poor diet. They were committed to creating a line of all-natural beverages that captured and delivered the natural goodness of foods. Tea of a Kind was born. At Tea of a Kind we don't have room for short-cuts or compromise. So we use only the finest ingredients from the world’s best sources. The care that goes into growing and harvesting our ingredients comes to fruition in the delicate flavors and healthful antioxidants of our Tea of a Kind products. Using the patented Gizmo closure, we protect the beneficial characteristics of our teas from degradation until the moment you open them. We share the hopes and dreams of our customers. Good health for ourselves and our children. Foods rich in natural goodness like antioxidants. Products that deliver the health benefits of natural foods. A satisfying and rewarding experience. We believe Tea of a Kind can help make all these dreams come true. Learn about Tea of a Kind's patented Gizmo bottle technology: http://teaofakind.com/products/the-gizmo-innovation.

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