Official Brand Overview

Sparkling Tea with a Purpose Official Launch Coming Soon! While traveling through Japan, we became fascinated by the cultural significance and health benefits of green tea. With brewed, canned, and bottled green teas available in every corner of every town and city. We returned to the United States with bags of green tea to brew before work, but became frustrated by the limited ready-to-drink (RTD) options while away from home. Every bottled tea product was loaded with sugar or unhealthy chemicals designed to produce an artificially low calorie count. Soft drinks were no better. Nothing seemed pure, healthy, and refreshing. Together, we hatched an idea to create a new beverage that would provide a genuinely healthy and environmentally conscious option for consumers. We envisioned a unique fusion between the rich history of tea culture and America’s love affair with soft drinks. After many kitchen mishaps and ruined pans, Tempo was born. We hope that Tempo will offer a flavorful and fun alternative to unhealthy soft drinks and sweetened teas consumed out of convenience. We hope that Tempo will encourage you to break free from the habitual soft drink purchase and take another step forward towards a healthier lifestyle.

Current product lineup

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