TumericALIVE Super Blends

by TumericALIVE


Official Brand Overview

Our journey began in 2008 on a trip to Hawaii where we discovered the life-changing and healing power of raw, organic turmeric. When we returned home to New York City we continued craving the transformative power of the vibrant rhizome (horizontal underground stem). Using the same Hawaiian turmeric we had come to love, we began hand-crafting elixirs and selling them on bicycles through the busy streets of New York City. Each of our drinkable servings continues to be packed with 13 grams of our organic Hawaiian Gold Turmeric. We also utilize symphonic ingredients like honey, ginger, and black pepper plus cold-pressure (HPP) for a revolutionary way to access this nutritional powerhouse. Our growth from these humble roots continues to be electric as we share our experience of innate, radiant health with the world. Breathe Deep & Enjoy the Journey

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