Vertical Water

by Feronia Water, LLC.

Official Brand Overview

Vertical Water™ is 100% pure maple water tapped fresh from American maple trees. Nothing added. Clear, crisp and delicious, it's the thirst-quenching water that maple trees filter naturally, sweeten lightly and fortify with their own nutrients. Flowing vertically through the maple’s trunk and branches, this water delivers the nutrients the tree needs for springtime growth. Vertical Water™ taps this flow (without harming the tree, of course) and bottles it fresh and pure for anyone who enjoys not just real food, but real drinks. Vertical Water™ is just one ingredient: the water from maple trees. Vertical Water™ is equally refreshing in both taste and mission. It was conceived by Feronia Forests, a Certified B Corporation awarded "Best for the World Environment Impact” in both 2013 and 2014 for its ambitious mission and unique Sustainable Full Forestry™ strategy to conserve American forestland. With Vertical Water™, the idea is simple. By sharing the water from their maple trees, forest owners now have a financially viable reason for keeping their trees vertical longer. Vertical Water ™is sourced and bottled exclusively in the United States.

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