Vitamin Juice

by Bioeenergy Corporation

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Official Brand Overview

Bioenergy's mission is to enhance people's lives and health through quality nutrient enhanced low calorie, low sugar body cleansing juices which are essential to a long and vigorous life. We are extremely passionate and dedicated to the fight against diabetes. Our products provide bio energy for the body. Bioenergy is a sustainable and world conscious company. Our once a day nutritional supplements guarantee maximum effectiveness for one's health. The VitaminJuice® company manufactures vitamin enhanced juices that are low in sugar and calories. Every bottle packs 100% daily multivitamins. Vitaminjuice is diabetic friendly, kid friendly, low glycemic, and a gluten free nutritious body cleanse. We are extremely passionate and dedicated to the fight against diabetes and obesity and want to help people achieve a healthy weight. Bioenergy Supplements® manufactures a patented 24 hour controlled time release vitamin and mineral line. In 1994, VitaminJuice® was featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fitness Magazine. Bioenergy® was also featured in 1986 in The New York Times. VitaminJuice® and Bioenergy® are registered trademarks with the USTPO.

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