Xtazy Energy Drink

by Xtazy Beverage Co.,Ltd

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Xtazy Energy Drink is no ordinary performance beverage. It combines powerful herbs with essential nutrients that revitalize the mind and body, increase energy and promote alertness while delivering superior refreshment and taste. When Xtazy’s drink specialists created our unique formula, they asked: What does the high-performance athlete require? What is the stressed-out student or professional seeking? What do all active people need? Their answers helped us identify the herbs and nutrients needed to satisfy this thirst. Separating Xtazy even further from the pack is its taste. Unlike competing drinks that have a bitter aftertaste, Xtazy’s guarana-based formula delivers a clean, refreshing taste with no aftertaste. It is available in three bold flavors, Orange, Cranberry and Lime Blast.