by Euro Bubblies

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

YMA begins with water—carbonated water filled with tiny bubbles that contain novel fruit, spice and flower flavors. The water comes from a specific spring, which we will describe below. The spring that supplies the raw material for YMA dates back to the Roman Empire and High Middle Ages, and is located in Prahecq commune (about 200 kilometers from Bordeaux) in a place called "Belle Croix." In those days, the site was a therapeutic hot spring, a place where bathers could rest and relax. The studies of our geologists have done much to improve our understanding of how YMA water came to be. The water we drink today was first formed over 2,000 years ago, then made its way through its own natural filter, slowing purifying itself and acquiring its characteristic mineral qualities. Drawn from a depth of 110 meters, YMA water is protected from surface water tables by a thick layer of clay and a drilling break. Its resulting low level of mineralization and balanced composition delight consumers who have tasted it.