Review: Good Idea Drinks: The Swedish Sugar Buster

Good Idea Drinks is a dietary supplement sparkling water product that is made with a blend of five amino acids and a mineral (chromium picolinate). The product, which comes in three flavors including Sparkling Orange Mango, Sparkling Dragonfruit, and Sparkling Lemon Lime, is very much about functionality.

Review: Truronia

Truronia is a line of USDA Organic HPP juices that feature aronia berry as its key ingredient. The product line currently includes four single serve 100 percent juice varieties including Original, Mango, Coconut, and Pineapple.

Review: Clutch Coffee Roasters Coffee Soda Pop

Clutch Coffee Roasters is a Portland, Ore. based coffee company that sells coffee beans, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, and the coffee sodas that are the subject of this product review.

Review: VIVIC Sparkling Coffee

VIVIC is a line of ready-to-drink sparkling coffee drinks that were created with quality in mind. The products are packaged in 9.5 oz cans and come in three flavors: Original, Sarsaparilla, and Lavender.

Review: Superior Switchel

Superior Switchel is a line of USDA Organic certified carbonated apple cider vinegar (ACV) and ginger beverages. There are currently three flavors available: Lavender Lemon Lift, Honey Cinnamon Kick, and Orange Maple Splash.

Review: Black Medicine Lavender Latte

Black Medicine’s Lavender Latte is the latest flavor from this line of ready-to-drink cold-pressed coffee. Announced in August, Black Medicine is adding this variety to complement their existing Iced Coffee, Mocha, and Latte SKUs.

Review: Sovany Sparkling Water

Sovany is a new line of fruit-flavored sparkling water that is made with real fruit juice. Launching with three flavors -- Remarkable Raspberry, Ingenious Apple, and Brilliant Tangerine -- Sovany features a touch of sweetness from added juices.

Review: Big Easy Bucha’s “Lil’ Easy” Kombucha Shots

Earlier this summer, New Orleans-based Big Easy Bucha extended its product portfolio with a new line of concentrated kombucha shots. The product aims to offer the probiotic benefits of kombucha in a format that is smaller and quicker to consume.


As announced in August, WTRMLN WTR is getting into the sports drink category with the launch of WTRMLNSLCE. The move not only diversifies the company’s offerings, but it also puts it into a much higher velocity category than it has existed in previously.

Review: Welch’s Sparkling Plus Energy

Welch's Sparkling + Energy is “looking to reimagine the energy drink category around great taste," but, unfortunately, that's about the last thing that this product introduction does for the either the category or for the company.

Review: La Colombe Nitro Cold Brew Shandy

La Colombe’s latest offering is a nitrogen-infused blend of coffee and lemonade, which is the company’s first product to feature citrus.

Review: Koia Fruit Infusions

Launching with three flavors, including Chocolate Banana, Mango Crème and Strawberry Crème, Fruit Infusions are soy and dairy free, low in sugar (6g), and high in protein (18g from hemp, brown rice, and pea proteins).

Review: BRWD Refreshing Energy Drink

BRWD is an upstart line of energy drinks that is made exclusively with naturally sourced ingredients, including barley malt extract. The product line is launching with two SKUs: Cherry + Rhubarb and Citrus + Ginger.

Review: Ethan’s MCT Shots

Announced in August, Ethan’s MCT Shots is the follow up to the brand’s line of apple cider vinegar (ACV) shots that they launched last year.