Review: Free Rain

Free Rain is a line of sparkling waters that are enhanced with functional ingredients and feature a unique flavor profile. The current lineup includes three SKUs: Tart Cherry & Siberian Ginseng for Energy, Blood Orange Ginger and Ashwagandha for Focus, and Blackberry & Passionflower for Calm.

Review: Sap Sucker

Sap Sucker is a new line of organic sparkling tree water beverages that are made in Canada. The product is launching three flavors: Lime, Lemon and Original.

Review: Fountain Sparkling Water with CBD

Fountain’s Sparkling Water with CBD is zero calorie, unsweetened, and comes in three flavors: Lime, Grapefruit, and Cucumber. Each 12 oz. can is enhanced with 20mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp.

Review: Fluid Cold Brew

Fluid Cold Brew is a line of cold brew coffee drinks enhanced with electrolytes. The product is marketed as having hydration and energy benefits and the formulations are low calorie and sugar free.

Review: Greater Than Launches New Chocolate Flavor

Greater Than, which launched in 2009 as a coconut water-powered sports drink line, is back with a new flavor: Chocolate. While still using  coconut water as its base, this variety takes a more subtle approach and its primary positioning is as a recovery drink. 

Review: High Brew Nitro Cold Brew

Fresh off of a packaging revamp, High Brew Coffee is also launching a new product, Nitro Cold Brew. The product comes in a single unflavored and unsweetened SKU that utilizes a nitrogen “widget” inside the 12 oz. can.

Review: Riff Alter Ego

Alter Ego, which is the counterpart to Oregon-based Riff Cold Brewed’s eponymous line of cold brew coffee drinks, is a line of sparkling cascara (aka coffee fruit) beverages that are positioned as natural energy drinks.

Review: Aura Bora

Aura Bora is a new line of zero-calorie sparkling waters that are flavored with extracts from herbs, fruits and flowers. The product line features five unique varieties, including Lemongrass Coconut, Peppermint Watermelon, Basil Berry,Cactus Rose, and Lavender Cucumber (which we did not sample).

Review: Square One Organic Cocktails

Square One, a pioneer of organic spirits, has expanded its offerings into the ready to drink space. The new line of sparkling vodka cocktails features four flavors packaged in slim 12 oz. cans that come in at 7.5% ABV each. 

Review: Dash Water

Dash Water is a U.K.-based line of premium sparkling water beverages that recently announced its launch in the U.S. The products are zero-calorie and infused with upcycled fruits and vegetables instead of flavorings.

Review: SZZL Sparkling Tea

SZZL is a new line of sparkling tea drinks that is launching with two flavors, Peach Perfect and Ginger Lime. The products have 30 calories per 12 ounce can.

Review: Bimble Gets Updated Packaging + Additional SKU

Bimble, a line of sparkling CBD beverages that we first reviewed in January 2019, is back with an updated look to their packaging as well as a second flavor: Blueberry Lemon Ginger. 

Review: Kokomio Gets a Refresh

Kokomio, which is a line of USDA Organic high pressure processed (HPP) coconut beverages, is back with a significant update from our first review of the brand in 2019. This includes both a major refresh to its packaging and an update to its flavor lineup.

Review: Health-Ade Booch Pop

With the launch of Booch Pop, Health-Ade is the latest in the growing ranks of kombucha brands that have released shelf stable offerings. The line, which is launching on Amazon in 12 ounce cans, features three flavors: Pom-Berry, Ginger Fizz and Lemon+Lime.