Review: Ugly Lands in the US with New Formulations

Originally launched in the U.K. a few years ago, Ugly Drinks, which is a line of zero calorie flavored sparkling waters, has now launched in the U.S. with an updated look and formulations that were adjusted for the U.S. market (the product is also produced in the U.S.).

Review: Zinger Shots

Zinger Shots are a line of USDA Organic shelf stable shots that feature intense flavors in a small 2.4 oz. format. The product currently comes in five flavors, including Organic Ginger Zinger, Xtra Ginger Zinger, Lime Chilli Zinger, Golden Turmeric Zinger, and Acai Caffeine Zinger.

Review: Limitless Coffee Sparkling Water

Chicago-based Limitless Coffee, which, at least until now, has been producing cold brew coffee, matcha tea, and coffee beans, has made a jump into the flavored sparkling water category. In this case, they are doing it with a product that is juiced with caffeine extracted from coffee beans.

Review: Gloe Sparkling

The Gloe brand is something that has to date been used exclusively to market the Aloe Gloe line of still aloe beverages, but recently the company has expanded it into sparkling beverages. They’ve also stepped beyond aloe, with Gloe standing alone for its first time.

Review: Tempo Sparkling Tea

Tempo Sparkling Tea is, as the name suggests, a line of sparkling tea drinks that contain no added sugar and zero calories. The product line, which is launching with two flavors, Green Tea and Black Tea, is packaged in a 12 oz. clear glass long neck bottle.

Review: Clean Cause Yerba Mate

Clean Cause is a pretty unique company that has managed to create a brand that both speaks to the products and the cause behind the company. The company, which you…

Review: Vita Coco Sparkling

Vita Coco Sparkling is a four-SKU line of sparkling beverages that are made with coconut water from concentrate. The product is packaged in a slim 12 oz. can and is available in four flavors: Lemon Ginger, Grapefruit, Pineapple Passionfruit, and Raspberry Lime.

Review: Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew

New York-based Sail Away Coffee Co.’s Nitro Cold Brew is launching with three SKUs: Unsweetened, Sweetened, and Sea Salt & Caramel.

Review: Health-Ade Jalapeño Kiwi-Cucumber Kombucha

Jalapeño Kiwi-Cucumber, the summer 2018 seasonal release kombucha from Health-Ade, has a mild to medium spice that doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors and doesn’t linger.

Review: Keep it Cool Cold Brew

Keep It Cool Cold Brew is launching with both a cold brew coffee and a cold brew cascara “tea.”

Review: Hälsa Organic Oatgurt

Hälsa is a line of plant-based yogurt drinks made with a base of fermented organic whole grain oats. The product is available in three flavors at its launch and its clean label is one of its key selling points.