Review: Qii Oral Care Drink

Qii is an oral care dietary supplement drink that features tea, a pH level of 7, and a proprietary ingredient called XyVita that’s made with xylitol.

Review: Green-Go Organic Cactus Water

Green-Go Organic Cactus Water is an unsweetened zero-calorie beverage that is made with Nopal cactus puree. It’s also features lemon juice for a “hint of lemon” as its only flavor modifier.

Review: GT’s VeggieKefir Living Probiotic Shots

GT’s is a brand name that is synonymous with kombucha, but the company is trying to branch out within their lane of fermented living food and beverages. One of their most recent products, VeggieKefir, is also one of their most ambitious and assertive when it comes to its flavor profile.

Review: Lazy Bear Cascara Tea

Lazy Bear is a line of cascara, which, as we’ve explained in reviews of other cascara beverages, is a product brewed using the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. The product is currently available in three flavors, two of which have no added sugar: Natural, Mint, and Lemon Agave.

Review: The Water Kefir People

The Water Kefir People is a Bend, Ore. based company with a line of organic handcrafted probiotic beverages that were designed with the intention of being an “option for the whole family.”

Review: Iconic Grass Fed Protein Adds Two New Flavors

Iconic’s latest offerings, which were announced in January 2018, include two flavors that are on the trendier end of what you’ll see in the whey protein category: Golden Milk and Coconut Matcha.

Review: Nomad Trading Co. Cascara

Nomad Trading Co. is a new line of cascara beverages that is available in three flavors, Original, Hibiscus, and Cascara + Lemonade (which we did not get to try).

Review: Sip City Switchel

Sip City, which hails from Washington, D.C., is positioning its switchel as “nature’s sports drink & cocktail mixer” and has launched with three flavors.

Review: Tiesta Tea Cold Brew Tea

Tiesta Tea has launched its new ready to drink cold brew teas line in five flavors, including Maui Mango, Blueberry Wild Child, Lavender Chamomile, Lean Green Machine, and Black Thai Tropical.

Review: Fawen Ready-to-Drink Soup

Fawen is a line of ready-to-drink soup that comes in three shelf stable USDA Organic certified flavors: Beet & Cabbage, Broccoli & Cauliflower, and Sweet Potato & Red Lentil.

Review: Wave Soda

Wave Soda is a product that is going after the diet soda drinker with a clean label product that is made with 85 percent sparkling water and 15 percent fruit juice.

Review: Blackeye Roasting Co. Nitro Cold Brew

For the purposes of this review, we’re taking a look at Blackeye Nitro Cold Brew as well as their White Chocolate and Nitro Cocoa offerings. All three are packaged in 12 oz. slim cans that feature a black sleeve label and a painted black top.

Review: Rivvibe Moringa Sports Tea

Rivvibe is a beverage that is billed as “a drink that includes all the electrolytes and antioxidants of a sports drink and is brewed like a tea.” It’s currently available in a single flavor,packaged in a 16 oz.clear plastic bottle that’s most commonly used for juice.