Review: Picnik Democratizes Butter Coffee

We’ve seen a handful of companies attempt to create butter or MCT oil enhanced coffee products, but, whether intentionally or simply because of missteps in their packaging design, most of them have done so with a very technical and educated consumer as their target.

Review: Sap! Adds a New Birch Flavor

Following the same format as their maple-based soda and seltzer products, Sap!’s Birch product is made by blending organic birch sap with sparkling water and citric acid.

Review: KeVita Adds Two New Kombucha Flavors for Summer 2017

Having been acquired by PepsiCo in late 2016, Kevita is continuing to forge ahead with new line extensions. Their latest products are these two additions to their USDA Organic certified Master Brew Kombucha lineup: Roots Beer and Blueberry Basil.

Review: Mother Kombucha

Mother Kombucha is a line of small batch “living teas” that are produced in Florida and are available in both keg and bottled format. For the purposes of this review, we’re taking a look at their five flavor RTD lineup, which includes four kombucha varieties and a fifth variety that’s a switchel.

Review: Glim Activated Charcoal Water

Utilizing activated charcoal as its key ingredient, Glim describes itself as an “alternative water.” The product, which is made with filtered water, natural flavor, charcoal powder, citric acid, and stevia, has zero calories or sugar.

Review: Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink

Earlier this year, Zola announced “Zola 2.0,” which featured new ownership and a plan for to restage both its packaging and a broader line of products. The recently announced Zola Hydrating Energy line is the company’s first new offering since this announcement.

Review: Ethan’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

Ethan’s Apple Cider Vinegar Shots, which are the work of Ethan Hirshberg (yes, he’s the son of Stonyfield Farm chairman Gary Hirshberg), are an attempt to take the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and deliver them in a manner that’s both palatable and authentic.

Review: Sunup Green Coffee Gets New Packaging and Flavors

SunUp has updated its packaging and added two new varieties, Sweetened with Cane Sugar and Sweetened with Stevia, to go with the original (now called Unsweetened). Utilizing a 15 oz. can with a bright green backdrop, it certainly has a more vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

Review: Humm Kombucha’s Seasonal Hopped Grapefruit

Humm’s seasonal offering for Summer 2017 is this product, a 14 percent juice-based kombucha that blends their kombucha with grapefruit juice (along with apple, pear, grape, and orange) and hops to create something that’s quite enjoyable.

Review: Lion Dandelion Teas

Inside the bottle is a blend of organic dandelion root, organic dandelion leaf, and organic dandelion flower to create an herbal base that’s used across the brand's four flavors. The company positions the products as prebiotic teas with medicinal benefits, which is a different pitch than what you’ll find with traditional teas.

Review: Soylent Adds New Flavors and Updates the Packaging

Soylent is continuing its evolution from being a bag of largely tasteless powder into a full-fledged beverage brand. Their latest offerings, Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai, are their best-tasting and best-looking products to date and prove to be a really great showcase for what Soylent can do.

Review: Matero Sparkling Yerba Mate

Matero, which is a sparkling yerba mate drink, is a very straightforward product that was, according to the company’s website, inspired by the German drink Club-Mate.

Review: Sail Away Cold Brew

Sail Away's cold brew coffee is currently available in two varieties: Unsweetened and Sweetened. The products, which are processed with sterile filtration and require refrigeration, are produced using a 24-hour cold-brewing process. The result is something that’s extremely smooth.