Review: Soupure

Soupure is a line of high pressure processed (HPP) drinkable soups that come in a variety of different flavors. The company, which is currently focused on direct to consumer sales through its own e-commerce platform, is building out its lineup with the hopes that a “soup cleanse” will become a viable concept.

Review: Wisco Pop! Sparkle

Launched in 2016, Sparkle isn’t the newest entry into the flavored sparkling water space (nor is Wisco Pop, the company behind it, which launched in 2012), but it’s one of the few brands out there that is going after the premium end of the segment.

Review: DRINK Maple (and Melon) Adds New Flavors

DRINKmaple, which is perhaps best known for their flagship 100% maple water product, continues to expand their lineup. Having announced DRINKmelon back in Spring of 2016, the company has expanded their SKU footprint a bit further.

Review: Bulletproof RTD Cold Brew

Over the past year or two there has been a lot of speculation regarding when Bulletproof would release their own branded Bulletproof Coffee in ready to drink form. But earlier this month, Bulletproof finally rolled out their own brand, launching exclusively at Whole Foods nationwide.

Review: Tsamma Watermelon Juice

Tsamma is a ready to drink juice beverage from Frey Farms, which is self-described as one of the country’s largest watermelon growers. The product, which we first took a look at back in 2014, has been given a bit of an update.

Review: Canvas Barley Milk

Produced by a company that’s owned by Anheuser-Busch’s Zx Ventures, Canvas Barley Milk is a plant based beverage that is made from grain “saved” after the beer making process. The product, which has launched in five flavors (Original, Matcha, Turmeric Chai, Cold Brew Latte, and Cocoa), is being positioned as a dairy free product that is high in fiber and protein.

Review: Yerbae Sparkling Water

Yerbaé is a line of zero calorie sparkling waters that are enhanced with a blend of yerba mate, white tea extract, and guarana seed extract. The product is available in five flavors, including Lemon, Strawberry Kiwi, Pomegranate Berry, Pineapple Coconut, and Orange Cherry Pineapple, and comes packaged in slim 12 oz. cans.

Review: Vermont Village Vinegar Shots

The shots are packaged in a 1 oz. pouch package and come in four varieties: Double Shot, Turmeric & Honey, Blueberries & Honey, and Cranberries & Honey.

Review: Waterloo Sparkling Water

Announced earlier this Summer as having receiving backing from investment firm CAVU Venture Partners, Waterloo Sparkling is an upstart line of zero calorie flavored sparkling water that has its eye on the national market.

Review: Wandering Bear Cold Brew

For now, Wandering Bear is offering a single variety, Straight Black, which is, as the name suggests, straight USDA Organic and Fair Trade cold-brew coffee that doesn’t have any added sweeteners or flavorings.

Review: Bizzy Coffee Shots

While Bizzy aren’t the only cold-brew coffee to migrate into shot form, they have certainly done a great job of crafting something that’s well executed.

Review: La Colombe Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte

Most third wave, independent, and premium coffee roasters have tried to steer clear of pumpkin spice, so it’s somewhat against the grain for La Colombe to attempt this. That means that there’s additional pressure on to make it something really special.