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In a world of cutthroat marketing and advertising, Gillian’s innovative and effective methods of iconic brand building and Organic Marketing™ are setting a new standard for the industry. Gillian and her teams at Christie Communications organically develop brands’ identity, messaging, design, PR campaigns, and social and environmental programs, based in passion, innovation, values, and extensive experience. Whether she is running, exploring foreign lands or helping clients with innovative ideas achieve brilliant successes, Gillian’s attitude is contagious. 

Having been a pioneer in the field of helping ethical companies grow for more than 30 years as well as hosting a nationally syndicated green radio talk show, Gillian provides fresh, experienced and dynamic insight and strategies to build companies into Iconic Brands based in value, meaning, and ethics. Gillian has built teams of brand building experts across the country, with a client roster that stretches from start-ups to global brands. 

With extensive experience in the beverage, grocery, health and wellness, natural products, green business, environmental services, green building, and agricultural industry, Gillian has successfully marketed numerous companies, technologies, and products through innovative, integrated branding and communications campaigns.

Over the years, Gillian has researched and developed Christie Communications’ unique proprietary technologies that help companies effectively create the greatest impact with the least amount of their resources, ranging from Conversion Market Research™ to Organic Marketing™ Technologies, Mental Matrix Analysis™, and many others. Through her innovations in the field of marketing and brand building, Gillian has continued to expand Christie Communications’ impact with the company’s business model, Making Peace Profitable™. 

Gillian was recently awarded as one of the Top 100 Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet as well as the prestigious Joe Nida Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for the agency’s pioneering efforts in the field of Clean Business™ and Top Woman Owned Business from the Pacific Coast Business Times.

To advance Christie Communications’ social mission even further, Gillian and her teams pioneered Christie Communications’ Global Betterment Sector, the establishment of the Christie Communications’ Entrepreneurial Development Wing, and most recently, the Christie CommUnity Foundation. Through these activities and with programs successfully established in the US, Africa, South East Asia, and beyond, Christie Communications continues to expand its social, environmental, and philosophical impact through innovative, solution-oriented programs that integrate the entrepreneurial spirit into addressing critical issues ranging from environmental degradation to health issues, educational inequity to human rights.