BevNET Magazine
September-October 2007

Cover Story

Energy Slims Down

Energy slims down, how diets drinks equal fat profits. Time was, if you wanted a diet energy drink, you had to raid Dietrich Mateschitz’s private stash. But no longer.



Struggling for inspiration, flavored malt beverages raid the liquor cabinet.

NBWA 2007

The biennial tradeshow for the National Beer Wholesalers Association...

Expo East

New beverage launches at Expo East, held from Sept. 26 to 28 in Baltimore...


Whats on in Atlanta. Learn simple methods to make tasks more manageable.


Gerry's Insights

Ruminations on strange berries. Wolfberry; Not just another pretty fruit.


The U.S. Senate declared, by unanimous vote, September 2007...

My Refrigerator

So, you think you’ve got perks? A secretary? A private jet?

Saving The Goose

...the potential collapse of the bottled water business.