Go Fast Energy Drink Grows Regional Market Share

DENVER, CO (January 9, 2002) – Go Fast Beverage Company, which launched the locally-based Go Fast Energy Drink in October 2001, has begun to impact the more established competitors in several markets, replacing the most competitive brands at some on-site establishments. Introduced only two months ago, this new energy drink is now available in nearly 100 restaurants, bars and specialty stores in Colorado and Wyoming. According to Beverage Marketing Corporation, energy beverages garnered more than 7 percent of soft drink sales in 2000 with $300 million in sales. Industry experts believe this trend will continue.

When asked about how people are responding to the drink, Troy Widgery, Founder and CEO of Go Fast Beverage Company states, “We find that people not only love the taste of Go Fast, but they are identifying with the Go Fast brand whether they’re socializing or using the product for athletic performance. Our goal was to develop a premium energy drink that would increase and sustain energy levels without sacrificing taste, and the response to this point has been phenomenal.”

Butch Buckley, head bartender at Andrew’s Pub in Denver says people really like the taste of Go Fast Energy Drink better than the competitors. “Go Fast has a smooth taste and is less acidic and easier on your stomach. It’s great to be able to support something I believe in – it’s an excellent product and it’s made locally – that’s the best part about it.”

Currently Go Fast Energy Drink is available at various Denver area restaurants and bars including Andrew’s Pub, Chinook Tavern, Funky Buddha, Vinyl, Radex, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Heavenly Daze and Mile High Station, as well as at specialty stores such as Mondo Vino, Lemon Sisters Market and The Market on Larimer. Many establishments in Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Summit County and Laramie, Wyoming have seen a great increase in demand for the product as well. Go Fast Energy Drink will soon be available by the case through www.GoFastSports.com.

Go Fast Energy Drink is a preservative-free, flavorful energy drink packaged in an 8.3 oz., eye-catching red and silver can. With the lowest sugar and caloric content of all energy drinks on the market, it contains an exclusive blend of active ingredients, including the proven antioxidant Milk Thistle Herb, which sets it apart from the majority of energy drinks on the market. Go Fast Energy Drink helps maintain peak performance by fueling the body and stimulating the senses with ingredients such as Taurine, Guarana Extract and Caffeine. Go Fast’s other active ingredients include: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Ginkgo Biloba, Siberian Ginseng, Inositol, Niacin, Australian Honey and Panthothenic Acid.

Go Fast appeals to people who have a passion for living life a little on the edge, and the product speaks to the consumer’s thrill-seeking attitude. Go Fast supports amateur and professional athletes in a variety of sports, including skydiving, mountain biking, triathlon, skiing, snowboarding, auto-racing, BMX, street luging and motocross.

About Go Fast
Founded in 1996 and 2001 respectively, Go Fast Sports, Inc. and Go Fast Beverage Co. are dedicated to encouraging sports enthusiasts by creating products that inspire them to stay active and Go Fast! Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the Go Fast team includes a group of extreme athletes with a passion for high-adrenaline sports. For distribution inquiries, please visit www.GoFastSports.com, call 303-893-1222 or write to info@GoFastSports.com.

Go Fast Beverage Co. and Go Fast Sports, Inc. represent Go Fast Energy Drink and Go Fast Apparel, which are distributed extensively in the United States, Canada and numerous countries worldwide.