Merlins Magic Found Backstage with Top Performers

Pairing with innovators in the Music, Film, Fashion and Sports world, Merlins Energy Source can be found backstage and on set in some of the most exclusive venues and green rooms. The attraction: increased mental and physical stamina without the use of added caffeine or taurine. Merlins blends a combination of guarana and ginseng to provide an invigorating drink that has performers taking notice.

The Premium quality of Merlins Energy Source makes it the obvious choice for upscale establishments and events as both a mixer and on its own. The most popular Merlin Cocktail is the ‘Merlin Madonna’ (Merlins Energy Source, vodka and a splash of cranberry – in honor of the relationship between Madonna and Merlins).

Pairing great taste, a safe, sustained energy boost and elegant packaging, Merlins Energy Source has seen sales increase over 40% over the first six months of 2003. “Not just for fitness fanatics,” says Timothy Khan, Chairman of House of Merlin, Inc. “Donna Karan keeps the brand in her boutique, Lawrence Fishburn discovered it on the set of the Matrix and Warren Beaty purchases it at his favorite store.”

Appearing soon, the Merlins sponsored CART race team, American Spirit Team Johansson, will be featured in an episode of the very popular CBS drama CSI-Miami. The episode is centered around a crime involving a crew member taking place at the recent Champ Car World Series in Miami. The episode is scheduled to be aired in mid-November.

October 6, 2003
contact: Kenn Henman