IZZE Natural Sparkling Fruit Juice Recruits Executive National Sales Team

BOULDER, CO (January 16, 2003) – Discover Pure Refreshment.

IZZE Beverage Company, a segment pioneer in the all-natural Sparkling Juice category, today announced the appointment of an Executive National Sales Team. Terry Casey, formerly of Leading Brands, Vitamin Water, and SoBe will head up sales and distributor relations for IZZE in the mid-West region. Tim Larsen, also most-recently with Leading Brands, Inc., Glaceau/Vitamin Water and SoBe Beverages, will head up sales and distributor relations for IZZE in the Pacific Region. And Marty Jay Zirofsky, also a previous Leading Brands, AriZona, SoBe, Mistic, Pepsi and Coca-Cola sales executive, will manage sales and distributor relations on the East coast.

Greg Stroh, Vice-President of Sales and co-founder of IZZE Beverage Company, said this morning, “This high-powered sales team brings two important factors to IZZE. First, the expertise and national experience to take a product like IZZE to the next level, and second, the strategic overview gained in working with a wide range of distributors and key accounts over the past 2 decades. This team has worked together to build some serious business in the past and we look forward to their long-term success here at IZZE.”

Although a relatively new company, IZZE has seen some unprecedented success in its home state of Colorado and 8 other states, quickly establishing IZZE in its first year of operation as a segment leader in the up-and-coming sparkling juice category. Sales volumes have grown an average of 30% every month, nationally and in Colorado, IZZE is outselling other Sparkling Juices and other leading New Age brands (per sku) over 3-to-1.

“I was impressed with what IZZE has done thus far and I feel passionate about what IZZE stands for,” says Tim Larsen, IZZE’s new Western Division Vice President of Sales. “IZZE is not just another successful beverage, it’s something I believe in and I am proud to be a part of.”

IZZE Beverage Company was started by two friends, Greg Stroh and Todd Woloson, in 2002. The original concept was to have some fun while raising money and awareness for the Global Education Fund (GEF). GEF is a non-profit organization started by Todd and his wife, Eliza, in 1996 to develop libraries for underprivileged children throughout the world.

In addition, IZZE supports conservation initiatives through alternative energy projects and trail maintenance events, as well as the arts through film festivals, culinary events and art openings and benefits.

“When consumers drink IZZE, they’re making a conscious choice to ‘Discover Pure Refreshment’,” said Stroh, IZZE Vice President of Sales. “They’re adopting the quality of the product, the all-natural ingredients, the great taste, the passion of the people inside the IZZE Beverage Company family, and our sustainable approach to building business.”

Marty Jay Zirofsky., IZZE’s new Eastern Division Vice President of Sales, couldn’t be happier. “When Todd and Greg told me about IZZE, I knew immediately that it would be a great opportunity for me and my associates to build another great brand. My philosophy about how to be successful in this business is mutual with IZZE’s and this is a hard thing to find in the Beverage industry today.”

The news of a new national sales team comes on the heels of some equally exciting news for IZZE. IZZE has recently closed major distribution deals in a number of major markets across the North America.

“Not only do we have a successful product to work with,” says Terry Casey, IZZE’s new Mid-west Division Vice President of Sales, “we have some serious business to address right out of the gate.”

What’s next for IZZE? “There’s so much going on, I wouldn’t know where to begin,” says Woloson. I feel like I’m on a bullet train going 300 miles an hour, but even going this fast, nothing tastes better than an IZZE.”

IZZE Natural Sparkling Fruit Juice is available nationally in 7-Eleven stores and Wild Oats Markets. It is also available in regional natural food stores (Whole Foods), grocery stores, gourmet delis and local food stores in Colorado, California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Chicago and Detroit. IZZE is sold in 4-packs and in single-serve, 12-ounce glass bottles. Suggested retail price is $1.39-$1.49 per bottle or $4.99 per 4-pack. A new 16-ounce bottle will be available in 2004 along with an 8-ounce can.

Contact: Lance Gentry
303 247 0350