Rocky Mountain School for the Gifted and Creative chooses IZZE Sparkling Juices in Vending Machines for Students


IZZE Beverage Company, a segment leader in the all-natural Sparkling Juice category, today announced their partnership with Rocky Mountain School for the Gifted and Creative (RMS) to provide 8 ounce cans of IZZE Sparkling Juice as a healthy alternative to soda and sweetened drinks for students and faculty.

School districts across the country are choosing to limit, if not ban entirely, the sale of sweetened soft drinks on their campuses, because of the growing awareness of significant adverse health and learning impacts of high-sugar and highly-caffeinated soft drinks.

Current news of an upcoming report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition draws a direct correlation between the rapid rise in obesity and high-fructose corn syrup used to sweeten soft drinks since the 1970’s.

By contrast, IZZE Sparkling Juices are a blend of 100% fruit juice and sparkling water. Each serving contains 70% fruit juice and 30% sparkling water, with no additional ingredients, no refined sugars or high-fructose corn syrups.

“We bring only the best faculty, curriculum and learning environment to RMS students and IZZE complements our values in this regard perfectly,” stated Barbara Mitchell-Hutton, Principal of RMS, located in Boulder, Colorado. “We know our students love IZZE and we want to provide as many healthy alternatives to artificially sweetened sodas and juice drinks as possible.”

“We are grateful to Barbara and all the parents at RMS to bring IZZE into their school. We have a strong commitment to supporting healthy eating habits in children and an overall commitment to education through our relationship with Global Education Fund,” said Todd Woloson, IZZE president and co-founder.

Friends Greg Stroh and Todd Woloson founded IZZE in 2002 with the singular goal to pioneer a new beverage category-sparkling juice-and have some fun in the process. Stroh and Woloson also share a strong desire to give back to the community, and since its inception, IZZE has contributed to the development of libraries and learning centers for impoverished children in fruit growing areas throughout the world, through donations of both financial resources and employee time. IZZE also supports a number of education, conservation and artistic non-profit organizations with donations, including VH-1 Save the Music Foundation, DIFFA, YouthAIDS, Global Education Fund, Tibet House, NOLS, The Nature Conservancy, and many more.

Recently, IZZE Beverage Company also began a program with Boulder Valley School District, providing IZZE Sparkling Juices to students in eight different communities across the Front Range of the Rockies.

“We believe an all-natural product like IZZE has the ability to address the emerging need to offer students a healthy alternative to conventional sodas and refined sugar-filled drinks,” said Katy Fleming, Health Coordinator responsible for revamping the Boulder Valley Schools health curriculum. “IZZE is a great alternative to refined sweetened sodas, no question.”

“Offering IZZE in a vending machine is a serious commitment for IZZE, however being able to provide healthy alternatives to kids seems well worth it,” said Drew Grumhaus, Vice-President of Operations at IZZE. “The 8-ounce can is a new package size for us, which we hope will promote a smaller serving size to kids. Plus, the aluminum can was the safest and most environmentally-conscious choice.”

In addition to the 8 ounce can, IZZE Sparkling Juice is available in 12 ounce bottles in 4-packs, and later this spring, a proprietary single serving 16 ounce bottle will be introduced in early-2004. IZZE is available in five flavors: Sparkling Clementine, Sparkling Blackberry, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sparkling Lemon and Sparkling Pear. A new flavor, Sparkling Blueberry, will debut in the near future.

About RMS:
Rocky Mountain School for the Gifted and Creative is a private, non-profit educational institution. Since 1991, RMS has provided small class sizes with individualized learning plans for gifted students between the ages of 5 – 15. Rocky Mountain School has earned an international reputation for creating an innovative, effective learning environment that addresses the social as well as the cognitive development of advanced children. For more information, call 303-545-9230 or log on to

About IZZE Beverage Co:
A pioneer in the sparkling juice category, IZZE Natural Sparkling Fruit Juice is available nationally in Starbucks, Harry & David stores, 7-Elevens and Wild Oats Markets. It is also available in regional natural food stores, Whole Foods Markets, grocery stores, gourmet delis and local food stores in 35 regions across the United States, Caribbean and South Pacific. IZZE is sold in 4-packs and in single-serve, 12-ounce glass bottles. Suggested retail price is $1.39 – $1.49 per bottle or $4.99 per 4-pack. A new 16-ounce bottle will be available in the spring of 2004 along with an 8-ounce can. For more information visit