Malibu Beach Beverage Group Launches New Low Carb Beverage

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Malibu Beach Beverage Group, LLC. Malibu Beach Beverage Group, LLC (“Malibu”) is an exciting New Age Beverage Company that recently established its headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. The Company is a specialty beverage manufacturer of three low carbohydrate, low calorie all natural fruit juice blends and three flavored micro-brewed green tea blends. Malibu’s product offerings are non-carbonated and were produced to meet the incredible market demand for low carb/low calorie product. All six Malibu flavors contain only 3 grams of carbs and 10 calories per serving. Malibu’s products utilize unique formulas incorporating all natural ingredients, fortified with Guarana, Ginseng and vitamin blends that result in great tasting healthy alternatives to soft drinks and other non-carbonated products currently available.

Malibu has assembled an executive management team comprised of experienced professionals representing over 80 years of progressive management expertise in diversified industries. Malibu’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Doran, is a senior-level executive with 25 years of management experience obtained while holding managerial and executive positions with companies such as Columbia Pictures, MGM Studios, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. and CTN Media Group, Inc. During his tenure at Turner Broadcasting and CTN, Mr. Doran was selected repeatedly to lead new initiatives or provide expertise on critical missions.

Jeff Glattstein is Malibu’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development. Mr. Glattstein has a proven track record in corporate and business development, marketing and operational strategies that result in key strategic relationships, increased revenues, new markets and corporate financing activities. As a former CEO of two companies, Mr. Glattstein led the development of both companies from start up to exit strategy.

Bill Payne is a senior level executive with over 30 years of experience in consumer products through both the Direct and DSD (Direct Store Distribution) channel. He has experience in product development, sales management, key account and broker management and operations. Mr. Payne’s experience was obtained from his years of service with companies such as Keebler, Paskert Distributing Company, Gourmet Awards Food, and Metro Marketing. Mr. Payne is credited with the successful establishment of several specialty food brands such as Bigelow Tea, Old London, Pritkin Foods, PowerBar, and Goya Hispanic products. Mr. Payne is a recognized expert in brand building and distribution and is Malibu’s Vice President of Sales and Distribution.

William Wagner is Malibu’s Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Wagner, a seasoned CPA spent five years in public accounting with regional firms Habif, Arrogetti and Wynn and Reznick, Fedder, and Silverman. He served as Vice-President Controller for CTN Media Group, Inc. from October 1997 until Viacom/MTV acquired CTN’s assets in October 2002.

After several months of market research, focus groups on product formulation and regulatory testing, Malibu’s product is now ready for distribution. The Company will officially debut its products at the FMI Food Show in Chicago at the beginning of May. “This is the culmination of a very long process in which our management team has devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources,” said Patrick Doran, Malibu’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “We have developed six initial flavors that we believe are unique and will be well received in the marketplace. Malibu has forged key relationships for production and distribution with acclaimed companies in the industry. Across the board everyone involved with Malibu’s launch is very excited and ready to go.” Concurrent with the product launch, Malibu anticipates completing its initial round of funding.

Malibu Beach Beverage Group, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.

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