glacéau vitaminwater unveils first-ever national marketing campaign, spreading irreverent hydration across the nation

A sample ad from the new campaign.

whitestone, ny (july 6, 2004) – enhanced water category pioneer glacéau vitaminwater, known to provide healthier hydration to the likes of sean “p. diddy” combs and paris hilton, is unveiling its first-ever national marketing campaign, entitled “every day needs more.” through the campaign, consumers will learn about other benefits of drinking the all-natural, low-calorie, vitamin-packed water beyond pure hydration, like enabling the visually challenged to focus better at strip clubs, giving sorority girls energy to win pillow fights against their sisters and providing ‘lucky’ people with the endurance to perform like an animal in bed.


with 200+% compounded annual growth since inception and a more than 50% share of the highly competitive enhanced water category, energy brands inc., the parent company of glacéau vitaminwater and glacéau smartwater, has had tremendous success solely through local grassroots marketing activities since the brand launched in 2000. never before has the company implemented a broad-scale, national outreach campaign, until now.

rolling out early this month, the fully integrated, 360 degree national marketing campaign plays off the brand’s irreverent personality while depicting various characters getting the most out of everything they do during their daily lives. the functionality of the glacéau vitaminwater product line is showcased through humorous illustrations of animated figures in various exaggerated situations. from an elderly man in a wheelchair trying to cop a feel of his voluptuous nurse (“drink revive. get busy more.”) to a plumber repairing an alluring housewife’s sink (“drink power. lay pipe more.”), the unique campaign will permeate all of the company’s marketing initiatives through 2005, reaching consumers in many aspects of their lives.

“our goal with the ‘every day needs more’ campaign is to showcase how glacéau vitaminwater supports real people in every aspect of their lives,” said rohan oza, senior vice president, marketing, energy brands inc. “we hope that more consumers will become aware of the many functional benefits that glacéau vitaminwater offers, and what a simple step drinking a bottle can be towards living a healthier lifestyle.”

the initial phase of the campaign will commence with a $5 million+ spend behind all applications of the campaign, including an ad buy in the new york metro area consisting of billboards, phone kiosks and wild postings. the campaign will also be featured throughout all areas of the marketing mix in major metro markets including new york, los angeles, san francisco, chicago, miami, seattle, boston, d.c., philadelphia and detroit. mediums that will incorporate campaign images include:

. the vehicle marketing program, known as “gvwtv” (glacéau vitaminwater tasting vehicle) — 10 high-tech hydration trucks resembling television news vehicles (decorated with several different creative images) that travel around major markets “broadcasting” information about the products to consumers, and provides samples.
. the retail sampling program, known as “hydrology” — more than 100 high-energy, company-trained “hydrologists” spreading the word of glacéau vitaminwater at creative sampling stations in key retail accounts across the country.
. point-of-sale materials – more than 50 executions of display racks, static-clings in both english and spanish, banners, posters, table tents, wearables and consumer information pamphlets.
. events — customized signage, banners and other merchandising materials designed for distribution at both marquee and community-based events.
. the college outreach program, known as “campus ambassadors” — more than 100 college students at major colleges and universities blitzing campuses with campaign signage, merchandise and product.

the second phase of the campaign, which will continue through 2005, is slated to consist of additional ad buys in several target markets. in all, the campaign spend is estimated to total more than $10 million.

the “every day needs more” campaign was brought to life by energy brands’ in-house marketing department with support from boutique creative agency rocket dog nyc, led by donnell johnson, in collaboration with freelance copywriter bridget prophet.

formed in 1996 and based in whitestone, n.y., energy brands inc. is the pioneer of the enhanced water category. for the last three and a half years, glacéau vitaminwater has been the fastest growing bottled water brand in the industry. following its introduction in new york in 2000, consumers immediately embraced glacéau vitaminwater and have helped it achieve iconic status. since then, influential bi-coastal consumers have brought the brand to los angeles, miami, san francisco and chicago, prompting energy brands to respond to that demand. today, glacéau vitaminwater is distributed at exclusive retail outlets in more than 48 states nationwide.

creative credits:
energy brands inc.
rohan oza, senior vice president of marketing
matt kahn, director of corporate marketing
eric berniker, brand manager
diana mora, associate creative manager
kelly ciccosillo, associate brand manager

rocket dog nyc
donnell johnson

freelance copywriter
bridget prophet