’s “Best Of” 2004

(Note: This article also ran in the January/February issue of Beverage Spectrum Magazine)

Two thousand and four was an interesting year for the soft-drink industry. Low-carb diets, energy drinks, consolidation and rising material costs were some of the major themes of the year. At, we saw more than 300 new products in 2004, ranging from the excellent to the strange and awful. We’ve tested almost all of them and are proud to bring you’s favorites (in no particular order).

The “Best Of” 2004 List:

Metromint Water
Metromint is simple in concept (mint + water) and clean & refreshing in flavor. Plus it comes in a superbly designed package.
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Rockstar Energy Cola
This hybrid of an energy drink and a cola brings mainstream flavor to the energy-drink category.
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FUZE Green Tea
FUZE recrafted its green tea and the results are excellent. FUZE Green Tea is light in body and has a light honey finish with no grassy aftertaste.
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Nantucket Nectars Organic
The Juice Guys introduced this exceptional shelf-stable organic line in the spring, and it has been receiving rave reviews ever since.
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Honest Tea PET
Honest Tea brings organic tea to the mainstream market with its new PET packaging, available in four of their best “tad sweet” flavors.
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Crunk!!! Energy Drink
Created by Lil’ Jon, the self proclaimed and widely acknowledged “King of Crunk,” this energy drink has an excellent pomegranate flavor and a sleek, hip-hop theme.
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Inko’s Blueberry White Tea
Quite possibly the best ready-to-drink tea we’ve ever sampled, it’s smooth and clean with just a splash of blueberry flavor.
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Liquid Cereal
An original beverage that uses real cereal to create a good-for-you drink that both kids and adults will enjoy.
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7 UP Plus
Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages finds success by coming up with a creative solution to low-carb beverages by adding something (vitamins) rather than just taking away carbs and calories.
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Havana Mojito
A great translation of the popular Cuban cocktail,Havana Mojito is available in regular and diet varieties.
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Leading Brands brings this one-of-akind soy-based beverage that has the
health benefits of soy without the aftertaste.
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