V-Net Drops Allimax Water and Introduces Real-Time Allicin

V-Net Beverage, Inc. (Pink Sheets:VNTB) announces it has terminated development of Allimax Nutraceutical Water(TM) and is proceeding with development of a new product called Real-Time Allicin(TM).

Robert J. Corr, president of V-Net stated, “Based on our experience, we found that bottled spring water containing Allisure(R) liquid-concentrate (allicin liquidum) lacked shelf-life stability. In addition, laboratory testing of Allisure(R) liquid-concentrate by means of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) verified little or no allicin content. Therefore, we conclude Allisure(R) concentrate is unsuitable as an ingredient in our bottled water. V-Net has dropped all development plans regarding Allisure(R).”

Corr added that the Allisure(R) liquid-concentrate in question was sold to V-Net by Allimax USA and Allimax International, Ltd.

“Our discussions with experts in garlic science have cast doubt on whether allicin can be captured, in either dry or liquid form, for any extended period of time,” Corr said. “By its nature, allicin is highly reactive and ephemeral, existing just briefly before it converts to derivative sulphur byproducts. Within a fortnight, our control shelf-samples of Allimax Nutraceutical Water with Allisure(R) manifested a strong odor and taste of sulphurous onions, indicating instability of the Allisure(R) ingredient.”

Corr continued, “V-Net’s caution regarding Allisure(R) has been a blessing in disguise and saved our company tens of thousands of dollars in bottling and distribution costs, not to mention the unpleasantness of a product recall.

“Nevertheless, V-Net remains committed to the concept of effective delivery of high-potency allicin,” declared Corr. “To this end, V-Net is developing an exciting new product called Real-Time Allicin(TM) — an odorless, highly-soluble granular product containing allicin precursors, alliin and allinase. Added to a glass of water or beverage of choice, one fruit-flavored Real-Time Allicin(TM) packet will efficiently deliver instant allicin (equivalent to allicin potential of 5.5 cloves of garlic) for timely consumption. Our new product thus solves the shelf-life and allicin-potency issues attendant to Allimax Nutraceutical Water(TM).”

Corr noted V-Net may abandon its “Class 32 Trademark Application Intent to Use” for Allimax Water(TM), but has filed to the USPTO for Trademark Application of Real-Time Allicin(TM). Additionally, V-Net has secured rights to www.realtimeallicin.com.