Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. Uncovers Special Edition Camouflage Can

Denver, CO – Go Fast Sports and Beverage Co., in partnership with Realtree, introduces a special edition camouflage can – a direct response to outdoor enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the great taste and performance of Go Fast Energy Drink, in a can that genuinely speaks to their sport.

@@img1″Sportsmen are the true architects of this idea,” said Go Fast Athlete and seasoned bass fisherman Joe Trinko. “The Go Fast camo can was created to specifically address a hunter’s desire to maintain a low profile outdoors while enjoying the natural ingredients of a sustained energy kick. Go Fast recognizes the tremendous time, effort, and energy outdoor enthusiasts place on their hobbies and in some cases their work. Rising hours before sunlight, outdoorsmen spend long hours braving the elements to connect to nature and the great outdoors. Now, thanks to Go Fast and Realtree, that connection has been made,” added Trinko.

The well-received can features the Realtree “Hardwoods® HDT” camouflage pattern, one of the most versatile camouflage patterns on the market. The gold-tone can is a departure from the traditional silver cans – to highlight the natural colors of the camo pattern. The functionality of the Go Fast/Realtree can is also demonstrated in its slim 8.4oz serving size – making it easy to stow on a boat, in a cooler or stash in a hunting vest or jacket pocket.

“When discussing our plans to design a unique, practical camouflage can for this industry, we approached Realtree because we knew they were the leader in the marketplace and they would work closely with Go Fast to achieve the most realistic camouflage pattern on the package,” said Troy Widgery, Founder, Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. “It was essential for us to design the can as authentically as possible, to live up to the standards and expectations of the sportsmen and sportswomen of the world; and thanks to Realtree and our team of dedicated designers, a once-said-impossible can design has arrived!”

“Working with Go Fast has truly energized the staff here at Realtree,” said President Bill Jordan, “and I do mean that both literally and figuratively. The Go Fast drink itself tastes great and delivers what it promises. Plus it really meets the needs of our active consumers. The other side of the coin is the energy level of the Go Fast staff. Their drive and determination to get out the Go Fast message has really motivated everyone at Realtree to tell hunters about this great new product.”

The special edition camo can, is available in select hunting outlets as well as online at www.gofastsports.com.

About Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co.
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. is the producer of Go Fast Energy Drinks and Go Fast Sports Apparel. For more information, call 1-800-895-7290, email Dist@GoFastSports.com or visit www.GoFastSports.com.

About Realtree
Headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, Realtree is the market-leading brand of distinctive, realistic camouflage patterns in the hunting industry. For more information, visit www.realtree.com.

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