7-Eleven Breaks out Formula 7

Dallas, TX — The national convenience store chain 7-Eleven is broadening its private label offerings to include such cutting-edge products as enhanced waters, and it might even attempt to sell some of them outside its own coolers, according to a report in Beverage Business Insights, a newsletter that tracks beverage marketing trends.

According to BBI, at its recent annual meeting for franchisees, in addition to the enhanced water – to be sold under the label “Formula 7” — the company plans to market private label brands in spring water, juice, energy enhancers, and beer.

The company expects to roll out the waters, which will have names like “Mental Focus,” “Weight Loss,” and “Vitality” next month, putting more than a dozen brands, all in $1.59 20-oz bottles, on store shelves by the end of the year.

The company won’t stop with these Vitaminwater competitors, however, according to BBI, as it is also considering re-jiggering its cooler recommendations overall, possibly even reducing beer and soda offerings, adding more teas and waters, and coming up with a 100 percent non-concentrate juice brand called “Sunny Essentials.”

In an even more radical development, the company has brought in a consulting firm to help it position its Mad Croc energy drink, which recently lost enough rounds of legal wrangling with Red Bull to force it to change its colors and packaging. Now the company might take Mad Croc, also available in a chewing gum, and push it into new channels, including grocery stores, BBI reports.

The company is riding high off March sales reports that showed nearly a 3.5 percent increase in same-store merchandise sales over the previous year, and total sales that were up nearly 10 percent.