Stay Calm, Cool and Collected with teany’s three tantalizing new tea flavors

teany bottled beverages, the line of flavorful, healthy and all-natural iced teas founded by Moby and his business partner Kelly Tisdale as an offshoot of their Lower East Side teahouse/restaurant of the same name, has now revealed three new fabulous flavors from which to choose. These new tastes cover all the bases to quench everybody’s thirst cravings. Want to relax? Take a sip of the Herbal Tea Calm, also known as “Stress Less.” It’s a decaf black tea that combines lavender to lull away your stress and get rid of irritability along with chamomile to soothe and subdue anxiety.

Need to beat the heat? Stay cool and conserve your stamina with the Energy Tea, whose alias is the “Speedy Cooler.” Surpassing the average leading energy elixirs, this tea is made with 70% less sugar, without artificial ingredients, and is a fruity fusion of organic sweetner, green and black teas, guarana (a tropical plant from Brazil that’s high in caffeine content), ginger (which offers amazing healing and medicinal properties), and Yerba Mate (an herb from South America that’s known to rejuvenate and revitalize the body and mind).

Last but not least is the White Tea with Pomegranate, referred to by many as the “Super-tasty, super-healthy, antioxidant cooler.” This drink brings together the makeup of white tea (which is now making sister green tea envious with its higher antioxidant levels), pomegranate (which lowers cholesterol and enhances the health of your heart), and blueberry (the fruit that continues to make physicians’ top ten list of foods that help fight cancer and keep your health in tip-top shape).

Flavorful teas aren’t just for the winter months anymore, teany’s newest creations will keep you healthy, balanced, and refreshed all summer long.

The new teany bottled beverages will be available at teany, Dean & DeLuca and
Whole Foods – just to name a few.

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