New Soft Drink Clinically Proven to Increase Metabolism and Burn Calories; Study Proves that Celsius is a Real Diet Soft Drink

A soda that burns calories and tastes great may sound hard to believe. But a new research study, announced this weekend at the International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference in New Orleans, confirms that Celsius(TM) does just that.

“The clinical research proved that drinking one 12-ounce bottle of Celsius increases metabolism by more than 12 percent over a 3 hour period,” states principal investigator Ron Mendel, Ph.D. “Elevated metabolism is what allows people to burn more calories.”

How significant is a 12 percent boost in metabolism? Dr. Mendel says that by replacing a regular soft drink with a bottle of Celsius every day for one year, even with no change in exercise habits, a person could theoretically lose up to 17 pounds.
According to Steve Haley, president of Elite FX, the company behind Celsius, this is the first time a functional beverage has been launched with scientific proof of its benefit.

“In an age where obesity is a major health issue, calories count,” says Haley. “Celsius fits a healthy lifestyle — no high fructose corn syrup, no chemical preservatives, and no carbohydrates. It gets its thermogenic power from a proprietary combination of natural botanicals, micronutrients, amino acids and caffeine for a beverage unlike any other on the market today.”

The double blind placebo controlled study, considered the research “gold standard,” demonstrated that Celsius does indeed burn calories, even while study participants were lying down for three hours. The amount of calories burned varies based on an individual’s metabolism. According to Dr. Mendel, some subjects in the study burned up to 75 additional calories without any activity at all over the three hours measured.

“We evaluated what consumers really wanted from diet soda in terms of taste and performance, and then went beyond their expectations,” says Greg Horn of Specialty Nutrition Group, which helped to develop Celsius with Elite FX. “Moving from today’s no-calorie sodas to Celsius with net negative calories is the next natural evolutionary step in the diet soda market.”

Celsius is available in three flavors: cola, lemon/lime and ginger ale at convenience stores such as Circle K, and Tom Thumb across Florida. Each 12-ounce bottle retails for $1.99. Ask for Celsius – in the tall blue bottle with the fireball. For more information, visit

About Elite FX

Elite FX, Inc., a leader in the emerging $20 billion functional food and beverage category, is focused on the development and marketing of healthy, performance-based beverages. Elite FX is dedicated to bringing positive and consumer-relevant health and performance effects to great tasting beverages that can be enjoyed every day. Elite FX functional beverage products are scientifically validated to confirm effect with no compromise on taste, and appeal to people who are making healthier lifestyle choices and want to look and feel their best. Elite FX has offices in Tennessee and Florida.

About Specialty Nutrition Group

Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. (SNG), which developed the proprietary Celsius formula, is a nutrition brand-building firm focused on commercializing innovative, IP-protected nutritional technologies. SNG acts as co-development partner with large consumer products and nutrition companies to rapidly commercialize nutrition innovations, represents academic institutions and individual inventors to find new commercial applications for their inventions, and develops its own brands for commercial launch in the nutraceutical market. The professionals of SNG have been responsible for launching new nutraceuticals products with current annual retail sales over $1 billion.

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