Buffalo, NY – Sarasoda Inc. the company that markets PJ’s Loganberry throughout upstate New York and other selected markets has announced a major expansion program. Sporting a new name and splashy design PJ’s Loganberry is now PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry featuring the Original and a Diet version for their popular non-carbonated new age beverage. Both are caffeine free, low in sodium, with vitamin C added and offer a wonderful refreshing flavor. Diet beverage consumers will be pleased to know that the flavorful Diet Loganberry does not contain aspertame and is sweetened with all natural sucralose.

PJ and Carolyn Davis, Western New York natives, brought the beverage to their popular and nationally recognized restaurant PJ’s B-B-Q, in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1984 to introduce this unique and refreshing beverage to their patrons and also for those who remember the drink from Crystal Beach Amusement park.

Jady Davis, 27, VP of Sales and Marketing, PJ and Carolyn’s daughter said that “legend has it that the loganberry drink was introduced at Crystal Beach Amusement Park in Southern Ontario Canada in the early 1940’s.” The loganberry is a real berry, a cross between a red raspberry and a flavorful blackberry. PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry is available in 16.9 oz, 2 liter and 2.5 gallon bag in box for fountain service.

Jady, PJ and Carolyn have teamed up with Sam Tubolino, a 30 year veteran of the beverage industry who has joined the firm as President. For three consecutive years the company’s sales have grown by 200% and according to Tubolino plans are being formulated to expand production and distribution in New England, Pennsylvania, Florida and California with every intent of the beverage becoming a national brand.

PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry is produced in Western New York at Buffalo Coca- Cola and Johnny Ryan Beverage Co. in Niagara Falls, N.Y. as well as Adirondack Beverages, Scotia N.Y. and Polar Beverages in Worcester, Massachusetts. Locally distributed by family owned Coca Cola, consumers can purchase the product at Tops, Wegmans, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Eckerd Drugs, Noco and various individually owned convenience stores.

The new name and colorful logo of PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry creates an image of A Refreshing State of Mind along with great memories for all ages and presents the unique beverage as a thirst quenching alternative to carbonated beverages.