It’s all about HER

@@img1″It’s all about HER”.HER Energy has claimed a long-empty niche: becoming the first and only energy drink formulated specifically for women.

Finally, there is an active lifestyle beverage that focuses on woman’s needs. HER, an acronym for “Healthy Energy Revitalizer,” stands apart from other energy drinks by what it puts in (calcium, ginseng and antioxidants, among other ingredients) and what it cuts down (caffeine, which is bad during menstruation, harmful for bone density and can give women headaches). Its 8.4-oz. product is designed for the smaller female form, HER delivers exactly the nutrition that active women need, whether doing extra time in the office or going the extra mile at the gym.

The product, also distinguished by its great taste, pink color and slender pink-and-white cans, is quickly making inroads in such markets as L.A., New York, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and New Jersey. While elevating the energy level and expectations of consumers, it’s raising funds for philanthropic efforts as well, with a percentage given to domestic violence and breast cancer organizations.