October 2005 – Newton, PA, Nominated by a host committee and judged by attending colleagues and competitors, Steaz Organic Green Tea Soda, the first USDA-certified organic soda available on the market, took home the honor of “Most Innovative Product” for their newly released organic soda fountain favorite, ginger ale, at Natural Products Expo East, recently held in Washington, DC.

Steaz has all the fizz, sparkle and great taste of regular soda, yet reinvents the “pop” culture by utilizing all certified organic ingredients and a cup of antioxidant rich Ceylon green tea in every bottle – demonstrating that Steaz is soda that’s actually better for you than conventional counterparts.

Soda spin doctors and Steaz creators, Eric Schnell and Steven Kessler, carefully designed the hand-crafted, micro-brewing process, formulating each of their flavors to perfection. They have also brought back eight old-fashioned, soda fountain flavors loved by kids and adults with a good-for-you-twist including Root Beer, Raspberry, Orange and Cola, with the most recent new flavors Grape and the award winning, Ginger Ale.

With recent headlines of the drastic movement to get junk food out of public schools in an effort to restrict the amount of fat, sugar and salt consumed by children during the school day, Steaz is 100% natural and organic, with no artificial flavors, colors or processed sugar and loaded with antioxidants, offering a smarter, healthier alternative for soda lovers allowing them to have their soda and drink it too.

Steaz has been steadily gaining popularity around the country as the preferred healthy soda choice. In a “David and Goliath” move, the company has initiated the green tea soda challenge where consumers are encouraged to trade in their “red” or “blue” soda bottles in a “one-for-one” exchange for any flavor of Steaz Organic Green Tea Soda at a variety of outdoor events, kicking off with the “Boston Steaz Party” in New England through the fall.

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About Steaz Organic Green Tea Soda
Steaz Green Tea Soda is a product of The Healthy Beverage Company, sold nationwide in gourmet markets, natural supermarkets and grocery stores, and is available in 12 oz. glass bottles, sold in 12 count cases. Created by Eric Schnell and Steve Kessler, “The Healthy Soda Guys” and founders of The Healthy Beverage Company, Steaz Organic Green Tea Soda contains no preservatives, no chemicals, no corn syrup and taste so good they will satisfy even the most stubborn soda connoisseur.