New York – Shock, a unique, hyper-caffeinated coffee containing over 50% more caffeine than other gourmet coffees is perking up the nation! It is the very first coffee of its kind, created with the most potent blend of coffee beans ever assembled.

Shock coffee is comprised of all-natural high-quality beans that are selected for a combination of taste and caffeine content. The blend was carefully created over a long testing period with their roast specifications a tightly guarded secret. Shock’s can’t-miss packaging features a striking logo and graphics using eye-catching red, yellow and black colored bags. The product’s catch phrase is “Sleep Is Overrated.”

Currently distributed in over 30 states, New York City based Shock Coffee will soon be rolling out in many additional markets across the country soon. The product’s potential is limitless and the reaction among leading distributors has been tremendous.

“With the introduction of Shock Coffee and its related products we have created an entirely new niche category within both the hot and chilled beverage industries,” remarked Jeff Rosen, President. “We envision Shock becoming the definitive, 21st century version of the coffee drinking experience targeted particularly toward a young, upwardly mobile and very active demographic.”

The Shock Coffee product line includes its ground or whole bean hyper-caffeinated coffee plus its ready-to-drink chilled coffee beverages including Shock Triple Latte as well as Shock Triple Mocha. In addition, Shock distributes Shock-a-Lots, a chocolate covered, hyper-caffeinated coffee bean candy that looks like peanut M&M’s with a super powerful “kick.”

“We are taking specialty coffee to a higher level,” said Rosen. “You might say we are the Red Bull of coffee.”

For further information, please contact Shock Coffee at: 888-33-SHOCK or 888-337-4625 x233 or log onto: