Woman on Top’s ‘Slimmer You H2O'(TM) Bottled Water Offers Dieters All Natural Support Just in Time for the Holidays

It is commonly believed that the average American will gain five to seven pounds during the holidays. To help stave off those extra pounds, Woman on Top, Inc. is introducing Slimmer You H2O, bottled water with an all natural appetite suppressant. The water will arrive in 270 Albertsons stores throughout California this week.

Slimmer You H2O, was developed by L.A. based Woman on Top to help women lose or maintain weight while supplying their body with necessary water consumption. Slimmer You For You! is an empowering campaign that encourages women to lose weight for themselves rather than to fit into preconceived stereotypes. Woman on Top donates 20% of Slimmer You H2O profits to anorexia, bulimia and obesity research to bring more attention to these important health concerns.

Every bottle of Slimmer You H2O has a special cap containing powder which is released into the water when the cap is twisted. The Garcinia Cambogia powder, which has no known side effects, is an herbal supplement taken from a small fruit native to India and Asia. The rind of this pumpkin-like fruit is rich in hydroxycitric acid, or HCA.

Studies indicate that HCA may promote weight loss by blocking the conversion of sugary foods and starches into fats, thus inhibiting fat production and by raising levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin, a key regulator of appetite control.

Slimmer You H2O has no taste, color, smell, preservatives or stimulators of any kind and is all natural. It can be easily incorporated into a diet program by drinking a half bottle 30-60 minutes before meals to burn fat and increase metabolism. Twelve bottles of Slimmer You H2O should last one week when consumed before each meal. Woman on Top is offering samples of the Garcinia Cambogia powder to the first 300 individuals who request it through the website (www.womanontop-usa.com).

Slimmer You H2O comes with a fun, bright yellow tape measure attached to the bottle which can be used as a handle as well as for tracking body measurements. More information on Slimmer You H2O and other Woman on Top products can be found at www.womanontop-usa.com or by e-mailing dary@womanontop-usa.com.