Naked Juice Introduces All-Natural Energy Drinks at Expo West

Two new energy beverages are the first all-natural, 100 percent juice smoothies featuring no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavor or colors.

WHAT: Naked Juice fills a significant void in the fast-growing energy drink category with the introduction of the first all-natural, 100 percent juice smoothies, providing real energy with no added sugar or preservatives[lm1].

Presenting Naked Juice Strawberry Kiwi Kick and Naked Juice Orange Mango Motion. Both of these super-premium juices: Provide a natural energy boost (43 mg per serving) from green tea extract and guarana, a berry grown in Venezuela and Brazil that is a natural source of caffeine ?Pack a pound of fruit in every 15.2oz bottle, providing an all-natural taste ?Contain 100 percent RDI of niacin, riboflavin, and vitamins B5, B6, B12 and C per serving ?Give parents and families a healthy energy drink alternative without added sugar, taurine or other synthetic ingredients common in most commercial energy products

Both the super-premium juice and energy drink categories have experienced significant growth in recent years, with the energy drink category growing 700 percent between 2000 and 2005 (Mintel). BeverageWorld estimates that energy drinks are now a $991 million dollar category – though the segment is dominated by carbonated options that contain added sugar and synthetic ingredients such as taurine. Until now, no options existed for an all-natural energy beverage without all the sugared-up fillers.

NEW SUPERFOOD FLAVOR INTRODUCED: Naked Juice also introduces Purple Machine to their Superfood® Family lineup of juices. Purple Machine is supercharged with açai berries, purple plum and concord grapes and boosted with elderberry, beet, black currant, grape seed extract, choline, vitamins A, B5, C, E and selenium to help promote healthy aging and sound memory.

WHO: Tom Hicks, president of Naked Juice and Monty Sharma, CEO of Naked Juice As president of Naked Juice, Hicks is a prime architect of the super-premium juice category, having co-founded and led Chicago-based Fantasia Juice in the 1990s, which eventually merged with Naked Juice in 2000. Under his tenure, Naked Juice has experienced industry-leading growth of 18 percent a year. CEO Sharma is singularly focused on satisfying Naked Juice’s rapidly growing cadre of consumers who flock to the all-natural juice products because of their great taste and overall health benefits. He has driven key changes in Naked Juice’s brand and positioning: to not only compete but to set the highest standards in the super-premium juice category.

WHEN/WHERE: March 24-26 – Anaheim Convention Center, Booth # 3120

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