Introducing ‘Liquid OM’ – The First Frequency-Enhanced Bottled Water; Sales Will Support Earth-Friendly Causes

Natural Products Expo West – A new breed of bottled water debuts today with the launch of Liquid OM(TM), the first water product designed to provide balancing energy. A patented-pending process based on the principles of sound therapy is used to infuse purified water to the frequency of the earth as it revolves around the sun, a specific vibration that is expressed in meditation circles by the mantra “OM” (hence “Liquid OM”). A portion of sales will be donated to the National Geographic Society and Global Water to support social and environmental causes.

The product is available immediately and will be sold through health food stores, spas and yoga studios at an MSRP of $1.49 per half-liter bottle, less than the cost of many of today’s premium waters. The distinctive label incorporates the “OM” symbol on a bright orange disc that evokes the sun and is trimmed in blue circles representing water and earth.

Sound Inspiration:
Liquid OM was created by Kenny Mazursky, a certified sound therapist who uses the power of sound to teach meditation classes as well as to assist clients in dealing with pain, insomnia, vertigo, anxiety and a variety of other conditions.

In his practice, Mazursky uses pre-1900 Himalayan singing bowls and a giant earth gong that resonate at the OM frequency to help his clients relax and restore balance to their lives. After years of seeing the positive effects, he began searching for a way to have the same impact on more people. It occurred to him that he could deliver OM through water.

“Everyone drinks water, and water holds sound at five times the magnitude of air. That’s why dolphins and whales can talk to each other when they’re miles apart,” Mazursky noted. “In addition, studies have shown that vibration affects the crystalline structure of water and that water has the ability to ‘memorize’ frequency information. I realized that I could essentially treat water with sound to share the effects of sound therapy with a much wider audience.”

Mazursky then developed a process to perform sound therapy on purified water as it comes off the manufacturing line in order to bring it to the desired frequency of 136.10 Hz @ 432.10 Hz. The process causes the water to vibrate, much as individuals undergoing sound therapy feel the vibrations of Mazursky’s bowls and gongs.

“You don’t have to be a monk perched on a mountain to find balance anymore,” Mazursky said. “People are now able to drink the OM.”

About Liquid OM Water, LLC
Liquid OM Water is dedicated to promoting harmony through the manufacture and distribution of frequency-enhanced products. The Chicago-based company supports social and environmental initiatives by contributing a portion of each sale to earth-friendly causes. For more information, visit