SportexPro with PeptoPro, The Winning Choice!

@@img1 SportexPro the new generation of sports drinks!

Ordinary sports-drinks supplied us with only three of the four essential elements: water, carbohydrates and minerals. Now, SportexPro adds the fourth element: protein!

Scientific research has concluded that protein combined with carbohydrates has a very positive effect on the win back of energy-reserves and the recovery of the muscles.

Proteins have large molecules consisting of long chains of amino acids. The human body has to break down these chains in smaller pieces to absorb the protein. This takes time and energy and therefore it was never effective in sports drinks

SportexPro is different!

SportexPro contains the unique protein PeptoPro® designed by DSM Food Specialties.

The In former days long amino acid chains in protein are in the PeptoPro® protein broken up in smaller amino acid chains which are build up out of 2 or 3 (essential) amino acids.

These shorter chains in PeptoPro® now ensure that the protein is directly and effectively taken up by the body with as result a new sport and recovery drink.

SportexPro for a better performance and faster recovery!

Tested by the best!

2001 – 2003 DSM Food Specialties develops the unique protein PeptoPro®.

2003 – 2004 The University Maastricht / NUTRIM perform tests with PeptoPro®.

2003 The University Gent places PeptoPro® on the NeCeDo White List.

2003 The NOC/NSF and the NOW stimulate the use of PeptoPro® by athletes.

Recovery drink with PeptoPro®.

2003Inge de Bruin starts using the recovery drink and wins three medals in Sydney and four in Athens.

Inge de Bruin says about it:

“When I drink it after my first training session, I feel a lot better during the second training session.”

2004 During the Olympic Games in Athens 200.000 recovery drinks with PeptoPro® are available for the Dutch athletes. The Dutch rowing team takes PeptoPro® after each training session and win a not expected silver medal.

2004 The Dutch soccer team uses it after each game during EURO2004 in Portugal.

2005 -2006 SportexPro Performance and SportexPro Recovery are launched.

SportexPro Performance!

SportexPro performance is a new balanced sport drink with an improved taste and the correct mix of carbohydrates, minerals and ~7000mg (2%) PeptoPro® which is developed to drink before and during sports activities.

SportexPro performance is taken rapidly and effectively by the body. It provides and accelerates the prerecording of carbohydrates as pure energy for the muscles.

SportexPro performance refills protein (PeptoPro®) during sports activities and maintains the stock levels and offers protection against damage of the muscles and raises the concentration.

SportexPro performance improves the performance and keeps you going longer

SportexPro Recovery!

SportexPro recovery is a new balanced recovery drink with an improved taste and an ideal mix of carbohydrates, minerals and ~13500mg (4%) PeptoPro® which is developed to drink directly after (heavy) performance.

SportexPro recovery is taken up rapidly and effectively by the body. It provides without first having to digest new stocks of protein (PeptoPro®) and carbohydrates for the exhausted muscles.

SportexPro recovery repairs damaged muscles, ensure that the stocks are recuperated fast, promotes the growth of new muscles and helps prevent muscle pains.

SportexPro recovery for a faster recovery so that you are faster ready for the following and even better performance!

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