WWE Wrestling Icon, Jimmy Hart, Introduces New Energy Drink

Nashville, Tenn. – April 26, 2006 – WWE Hall of fame Wrestler Jimmy Hart announces the release of his new High Energy Drink, “Mouth Of The South.” Developed and produced by TNT Brands out of Dallas, Texas, the “Mouth Of The South” High Energy Drink is now available at participating 7-Eleven Stores.

The High Energy Formula was specifically designed for The Jimmy Hart’s “Wrestling All Stars Collection.” Every 8 to 10 weeks, Jimmy will release a new can that will feature many of wrestling celebrities that he has worked with, and in some cases represented as their manager. These highly collectable cans will feature the wrestler and a highlights bio.

The “Mouth Of The South” High Energy Drink formula has been specifically designed to deliver an impact of energy fortified with Taurine and vitamins, as well as help endurance and increase mental awareness and focus. High on enthusiasm, Jimmy Hart says with a laugh, “As you get older, sometimes you need something to ‘kick-start’ your heart.so I was looking for something to give me an extra boost of energy.” Hart got together with his ‘tag team partners’ at TNT Brands, they sat down together and came up with a winning formula. Excited about this product, Hart exudes, “Baby, we’re going to ‘slam’ the competition-we’re gonna give ’em the old 1, 2, 3!!!”

“Working with Jimmy and his wrestlers, has been a blast! And when he gets his hands on the ‘inventory’ he’s literally supercharged!” laughs Angie Tassan, CEO of TNT Brands. “This High Energy Formula is what we need in today’s high impact world, where you need a boost of energy and concentration to stay competitive. Just like Jimmy and the guys do in the wrestling ring,” says Eddie Vakser, TNT Brands, VP of Product Development.

TNT Brands, Ltd. is dedicated to developing and providing high-end consumable nutritional and health products for worldwide distribution. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company specializes in providing unique energy drinks and specialty products and services to wholesalers, distributors, brokers/dealers, integrators, and resellers. TNT Brand’s experienced team hand-selects every product and service that they provide to ensure their clients are getting the best of the industry. TNT Brands, Ltd. is a majority women-owned company. For more information, visit www.TNTBrands.com.

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For more information on the “Mouth Of The South” High Energy Drink, visit the related websites at: www.mouthofthesouth.tv and www.tntbrands.com.