Freshness Front Sweeps East Across America!


@@img1Seattle, WA – June 29, 2006: The Cha Dao Tea Company, the nation’s only brewer of fresh bottled tea, announces rapid expansion along America’s West coast, into the Mountain states and along the Southern Gulf region.

Only five months after beginning sales, Cha Dao’s freshness front is beating the heat in over fifteen states and reaching into more nearly every day. The company’s expansion is being facilitated by its distribution via United Natural Foods Incorporated (U.N.F.I.). As the country’s largest distributor of natural and organic products, U.N.F.I. is perfectly suited to push Cha Dao’s growth even further inland. Cha Dao’s four flavors: High-Mountain Oolong, the award-winning Jasmine Green Tea with Lemon, Herbal Chrysanthemum and Japanese Green Sencha are now stocked in the coolers of America’s leading organic and natural retailers like Whole Foods Market.

Ghim-Sim Chua, founder and “brewmeister” of The Cha Dao Tea Company, says, “Approaching Whole Foods was a natural alliance as both of us are devoted to exceptional taste and healthy, well made products.”

Some brands use excessive processing to change teas natural acidity so that their products can survive unrefridgerated shipping and long-term storage. However, Cha Dao tea is unique because it uses no preservatives and is kept refrigerated from brew to consumer. Cha Dao contains only ultra-premium whole leaf teas and brews in a one to one ratio of leaves to water. The result is “The True Taste of TeaT”.

Other clients served by Cha Dao’s U.N.F.I. distributorship include: the New Seasons groceries in Oregon, Organic-to-Go in both Washington & California, The University of Colorado, The University of Washington, New Frontiers stores in Arizona and both the Thriftway and Uwajimaya chains in the Pacific Northwest.

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About The Cha Dao Tea Company: Based in Seattle, Washington, Cha Dao is committed to delivering the True Taste of TeaT by brewing premium, all-natural bottled teas that are fresh, healthy and delicious. For more about The Cha Dao Tea Company, please see our mentions in Gourmet Retailer, Time Magazine,, Colors NW, Seattle Chinese Times and or visit us at Zen Your Health!T