Pacific Organic Produce and PURITY.ORGANICT juices and juice drinks Introduce BE WELL drinksT


@@img1San Francisco, CA (July 3, 2006) – Pacific Organic Produce introduces the latest innovation from beverage company Purity.OrganicT: BE WELL drinksT, an organic hydration line of enhanced juice drinks offering low sugar, vitamins and antioxidants. Purity.OrganicT kicks off the BE WELL line with two flavors, Healthy Energy (pomegranate and raspberry) and Restore (orange, mango and tangerine). BE WELL drinksT expands the company’s beverage line to seven USDA certified varieties now available exclusively in 16-oz. PET.

Purity.OrganicT BE WELL drinksT:

. Healthy Energy, (22% juice) Pomegranate and Raspberry juices with Green Tea and Guarana seed extracts for a natural boost, plus Grape Seed extract for antioxidants.

. Restore, (25% juice) Orange, Mango and Tangerine juices with Vitamin B, Calcium and Electrolytes.

Purity.OrganicT uses vitamins and extracts from natural sources, without using chemically derived additives. For example, the electrolytes in Restore are from sea salt, and the caffeine boost in Healthy Energy is from green tea and guarana extracts.

By focusing on the 16-oz. grab-and-go category, Purity.OrganicT is bringing high quality organic juices and juice drinks to the mainstream marketplace. With seven flavors and stylish packaging, Purity.OrganicT gives delis, supermarkets and convenience stores an attractive way to offer non-perishable organic products to their customers.

Fresh ideas make Purity.OrganicT juices widely available for an attractive price. All Purity.OrganicT juices are flash pasteurized to ensure a one-year shelf life with no preservatives. For maximum efficiency Purity.OrganicT uses PET, a highly recyclable plastic, instead of glass bottles because it is lighter and requires less energy to ship and produce.

Growing organic lemons, apples, and oranges for produce aisles leaves farmers with extra bins of fruit. By creating a market for juice fruit (produce intended for processing) Purity.OrganicT not only increases an individual grower’s return, it helps raise the demand for organic produce across the board, making sustainable agriculture an economic reality. Ten percent of Purity.OrganicT dividends are returned to the organic community.

Greg Holzman, founder of Pacific Organic Produce, created Purity.OrganicT in 2003 to benefit sustainable farming and to offer consumers easy access to great organic juice. At Pacific Organic Produce, Greg works for farmers in organic produce sales, distribution and marketing. In Summer 2006, Pacific Organic Produce is adding ready-to-eat packs of sliced fruit to its line of fresh produce under the Purity.OrganicT label.