Espana Brands North America Launches Lambda Organics in the US


@@img1A favorite throughout Europe, Lambda Organic Juices make their U.S. debut in 4Q 2006. Lambda’s premiere line of organic juices are available in 1L and 250ml in 5 distinctive flavors: Mango/Orange, Peach/Apple, Grape, Orange and Apple.

Lambda Organics are created in the pristine fields of the Canary Islands, where our fruit is nurtured under the strictest organic guidelines. Grown and matured in healthy, clean soil, free of chemical agents, Lambda is juice in its pure state, without elements that pollute the body. Lambda contains no added sugars, artificial colors or preservatives. So the taste, like the juice, is 100% natural.

Single-pressed for a richer consistency and more intense flavor, Lambda Organics are offered in elegant, “blossoming” glass bottles that will distinguish the product at retail.

USDA certified and shelf-stable for 18 months, Lambda juices are soon to be available at health food and specialty retailers including Whole Foods and HEB.

Lambda juices are imported exclusively by Espana Brands North America and distributed through Kehe. For more information, contact 1.866.9ESPANA or visit our website at