XYIENCE® INC. Launches XenergyT

Las Vegas, NV (December 11, 2006) – Certain to bring the energy drink phenomenon to the next level, XYIENCE Inc., has announced the debut of Xenergy, a sugar-free ultra-premium energy drink that contains zero calories and is vitamin fortified. Xenergy, which sells for a suggested retail price of $2.79 (16 oz) / $2.19 (8.4 oz), is initially available in the Western, Mid-Western, and Southeastern States in retail outlets such as GNC, select 7-11s, Krogers, Fred Meyer, Raley’s, Rite-Aid, & H.E.B. and has secured distribution nationwide for convenience and other retail outlets.

According to XYIENCE, Xenergy has been scientifically engineered to provide quick, sustained, and lasting energy without the crash normally associated with energy drinks. This unique quality is attributed to both caffeine and an ingredient known as glucoronolactone, which works hand in hand with caffeine by amplifying and extending its effects. Xenergy also provides a superior blend of B vitamins and metabolism boosters to help increase alertness, burn more calories and provide a jitter-free energy that won’t bring the consumer down.

Xenergy is currently being offered in three great flavors including Clear, Big Apple and Cran|Razz and in two sizes, 8.4 fl. oz and 16 fl. oz. cans.

“We felt that, although there are hundreds of energy drinks on the market, all of them were lacking when it came to taste and nutrition,” says Ted Joiner, President of Xyience, Inc., “We wanted to give the consumer great taste, a variety of flavors, and an ultra premium product not currently available in this category.”

XYIENCE Inc. is an active lifestyle brand developed to provide the healthiest and most scientifically advanced sports nutrition and related products. They are one of the fastest growing brands in the U.S. encompassing a wide variety of energy drinks, healthy bars & beverages, nutritional supplements, and a unique trendsetting apparel line. XYIENCE strategic partnerships include relationships with UFC®: Ultimate Fighting Championship® which has been seen both on Pay Per View and Spike TV’s reality series Ultimate Fighter, and The World Poker Tour among others. Founded in 2004, XYIENCE Inc., is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. For additional information on Xenergy, please visit www.xyience.com.