Who’s Your Daddy Selected as Official Energy Drink Sponsor of the Golden Globe Gift Suites

SAN DIEGO – January 12, 2007 – Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. announced that the Who’s Your Daddy “King of Energy” Drinks, in association with GBK Productions Inc, have been selected as the official energy drink sponsor of the Golden Globe Gift Suites Award Program in conjunction with the annual Golden Globe Awards.

The Golden Globe Gifts Suites awards program is an annual event sponsored by GBK Productions (www.gbkevents.com) in order to honor celebrities nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards.

The Golden Globe Gift Suites project runs from Thursday, January 11, 2007 through Saturday, January 13, 2007, at the world famous Friars Club in Beverly Hills, California, and parallels the nationally televised Golden Globe Awards which honors celebrities for their outstanding achievement over the past year.

GBK Productions, in association with event sponsors, provide attendees individual gift bags and awards valued at a staggering $60,000 per gift bag. Celebrities and Golden Globe nominees are invited to the Golden Globe Gift Suites where they are introduced to event Sponsors and presented with their award packages.

Many of the Primary Sponsors, including Who’s Your Daddy “King of Energy” Drinks, have agreed to donate up to 20% of the proceeds of the Golden Globe Gift Suites to various charities including Habitat for Humanity, Golden Green, Educating Young Minds, Amber Watch, and Padres Contra el Cancer.

Gavin Keilly, CEO of Golden Globe Gift Suites, was quoted as saying, “In determining the list of Primary Sponsors who will participate in the awards program we have very high standards as to quality and image. We sought out the Who’s Your Daddy “King of Energy” Drinks as a sponsor because we were extremely impressed at the product line, the company, and the generosity and social consciousness of its management and staff. Who’s Your Daddy has shown itself as willing to commit to causes that benefit the public good in conjunction with the development of its product line and branding. This will be the first year that they have been chosen to participate in the Golden Globe Gift Suites program and it certainly will not be the last.”

Dan Fleyshman, President of Who’s Your Daddy, was quoted as saying, “By participating in the Golden Globe Gift Suites program we have an opportunity to expand the consciousness of the Who’s Your Daddy brand, and our entire line of the “King Of Energy” drinks while making a positive contribution to non-profit groups and charities in the process. Who could ask for more?”

About Who’s Your Daddy, Inc.
Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. (www.whosyourdaddyinc.com; www.kingofenergy.com) is a publicly traded company that designs and licenses a variety of products centered on its trademark-protected brand, “Who’s Your Daddy.” The Company holds multiple trademark rights to the name “Who’s Your Daddy” in the United States and Europe. In addition to the “King of Energy” Drink, which is manufactured, promoted and sold exclusively by the Company, the Company holds licensing rights for more than 300 products in the U.S. and Europe, and is expanding internationally. The “Who’s Your Daddy” range of product offerings are designed to appeal to young men, women and sports fans who strive for “style with authority.” Who’s Your Daddy, Inc. is traded under the WYDY stock ticker.