Guayaki Announces New Organic Yerba Mate Fusions


@@img1Sebastopol, California (March 14, 2007) – Guayakí is pioneering the future of beverages with three new Organic Yerba Mate Fusions: Pure Endurance; Pure Passion; and Pure Mind. These innovative functional drinks celebrate the South American rainforest tradition of handcrafting health-enhancing infusions of yerba mate (mah-tay) and medicinal herbs. Organic Yerba Mate Fusions offer a boost of nutrition and sustained energy from the yerba mate, and well-being benefits from several powerful herbs that have been revered for centuries by ancient cultures. Each Pure yerba mate and herb infusion is carefully blended with organic fruit juices and other organic ingredients to create delicious flavors that put the fun back into functional.

Guayakí’s new Organic Yerba Mate Fusions are inspired by the yuyeras (herbalists) in Paraguay that have been using yerba mate as the base of herbal medicine remedios (remedies) for centuries. It is believed that yerba mate’s complex blend of stimulants and nutrients acts as a powerful catalyst to enhance the power and efficacy of other herbs and helps to assimilate the herbs into the body. Organic Yerba Mate Fusions combine rainforest mate with potent traditional herbs from around the world to gain the desired effect such as Gingko Biloba and Siberian Ginseng from China, Tulsi from India, Himalayan Crystal Salt from Pakistan, Damiana from Central America and Catuaba from Brazil.

Guayaki has ‘raised the bar’ in the beverage industry by offering organic drinks that are stimulating, refreshing, nourishing, functional and made with only pure natural ingredients. Unlike other functional and energy drink concoctions on the market today that feature synthetic ingredients such as isolated vitamins, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, processed caffeine and other weird stuff derived in a lab, Guayaki follows a “whole plant – whole health” herbal tradition that unleashes the full natural power of natural functional ingredients. Guayakí Organic Yerba Mate Fusions are made with organic, fairly traded and shade-grown yerba mate, organic cane juice and whole organic herbs.

Pure Endurance provides a boost of sustained energy due to an infusion of Yerba Mate, Ginseng and electrolytes from Himalayan Crystal Salt blended with delicious tangerine juice and acerola juice. Pure Passion awakens the heart’s fire and the libido with an infusion of Yerba Mate, Damiana and Catuaba blended with intense passion fruit juice. Pure Mind encourages clear brain function with Yerba Mate, Gingko Biloba and Tulsi blended with antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice. See the attached ingredient fact sheet for more details on functionality.

“The Guayaki bevolution is liberating active people from their tiny cans full of sugar, caffeine and synthetic concoctions that can actually deplete them of nutrients and cause a crash and burn,” says Guayaki co-founder David Karr. “Our new premium bottled beverages are the first organic functional drinks that provide a boost and feed the mind and body – yet they are low in sugar and calories,” adds Karr. Offered in 16-ounce premium bottles for an SRP of $1.99, Guayakí Organic Yerba Mate Fusions can be purchased at thousands of natural foods stores, supermarkets, cafes and gyms throughout North America and at Each bottle features stunning designs by renowned artist Akari Inoguchi. The scenes portray dreamy visions of rainforest wildlife and plants that Guayaki’s mission seeks to help protect.

Yerba Mate: The Stimulating Drink in the Healthy Beverage Category
Of the six most common caffeine beverage stimulants (yerba mate, coffee, tea, cola, cacao and guarana), yerba mate is the only one balanced by powerful nutrition and a healthy natural blend of stimulants. Organic Yerba Mate Fusions contain caffeine comparable to coffee and energy drinks; however, the caffeine is balanced by mate’s content of theobromine – the euphoriant in chocolate, another stimulant named theophylline, and pantothenic acid – which prevents over-stimulation of the nervous system. Yerba mate is also a rich source of magnesium, which has been proven to ease anxiety. Many caffeine-sensitive people that drink mate don’t experience the jitters, stomach discomfort and headaches that are common complaints among drinkers of coffee and energy drinks.

“The unique combination of complete nutrition and balanced stimulation make yerba mate the healthiest source of energy on the planet,” says Karr. Revered for centuries as the ‘drink of the Gods,’ yerba mate contains 196 active compounds including 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) and saponins – phytochemicals that bolster the immune system. Guayakí Yerba Mate is a nourishing, ‘green’ source of energy that contains more antioxidants than popular sources such as Green tea, red wine and orange juice.

Helping to Protect the Rainforest
Founded in 1996, Guayakí is the leading provider of organic, fairly-traded, rainforest-grown yerba mate in North America with products sold at thousands of natural foods stores, cafes and supermarkets. The award-winning company integrates the triple bottom line principles of economic viability, social justice, and environmental stewardship in all aspects of their business. The result is an innovative business model called Market Driven Restoration in which Guayakí serves as a bridge linking consumer purchases of healthy yerba mate products in North America with indigenous communities engaged in sustainable agriculture and reforestation projects in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. “Each person that drinks two servings per day of Guayakí yerba mate helps protect approximately one acre of rainforest every year,” notes Karr.

In addition to the new Organic Yerba Mate Fusions, Guayaki offers a premium line of bottled organic Yerba Mate Drinks, six Yerba Mate Tea Bag Blends, Traditional Yerba Mate Tea Bags, two varieties of Mate Latte Concentrates and loose traditional yerba mate and accessories. For more information, visit or call 1-888-GUAYAKI.


Pure Mind
An infusion of Gingko Biloba and Tulsi blended with antioxidant rich pomegranate juice encouraging clarity of mind.

Gingko Biloba – (China)
Improves blood circulation in veins, arteries and brain; and overall strengthening of circulatory system. Aids memory and concentration. Traditionally used for treating asthma and as an anti-inflammatory.

Tulsi – (A principal herb of Ayurveda, the ancient traditional holistic health system of India) Proven to relieve stress. Adaptogenic and immune-enhancing properties. Affinity with the heart, protecting it from stress and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Enhances a sense of clarity and well-being. Used for centuries to aid respiratory infections and colds.

Pure Passion
An infusion of Damiana, Catuaba and passion fruit juice to awaken the heart’s fire!

Damiana – (Central America) Boosting and maintaining mental and physical capacity. Strengthening and stimulation during exertion. Used as an aphrodisiac, anti-depressant and restorative tonic.

Catuaba – (Brazil) Balances and calms nerves, anti-anxiety. Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Known for anti-viral properties.

Pure Endurance
An infusion of ginseng and Himalayan crystal salt blended with tangerine and acerola juice to sustain energy levels.

Siberian Ginseng – (China) Stimulates stamina and resistance to stress. Acts on adrenal glands to help body withstand heat, cold and stress. Reduces effects of prolonged exhaustion.

The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt – (Pakistan) Salt in ‘original’ form. Contains all trace elements and natural minerals of which the body is made (84 total). Holistic, wholesome, unaltered, natural salt as it has crystallized in the earth over millions of years.

Note: the FDA has not evaluated these statements. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.