Latin Energy Drink Potencia Joins the KING!

MOORESVILLE, NC – December 11, 2007 – POTENCIA Energy Drink proudly announced today that we welcome New England’s largest independent A-B Distributor Dichello Distributors in Orange Connecticut. “Dichello Distributors who has been delivering beverages for 70 years along with A-B Distributor Hartford Distributors will make up the entire master distribution network for the state of Connecticut” Says Potencia CEO Daisy Ramirez. We are so happy to have them join us distributing our authentic Hispanic Product, “Whether you’re from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico. Or Central America our product is a multinational Latin product” says Potencia’s VP of Business Development Brian Weber.  Progressive distributors everywhere are calling and emailing daily to join us. They realize they are missing out on a niche market and although many have other energy products it’s the “Authentic Hispanic” they don’t! Says Daisy Ramirez.


POTENCIA Energy Drink is a new Latin Tamarind flavored beverage. POTENCIA is made with real fruit pulp concentrate that is imported from Mexico and Central America but recognized by Latinos from all corners of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.