Cott to use light-weight water bottles

Cott, the company that produces RC cola, announced Thursday that a partnership with GE will allow them to package water in lighter-weight and more environmentally-friendly materials.

In a press release, Cott said GE will spend $31.4 million to buy new blow-molding equipment from Sidel Group, and lease that equipment to Cott.

Cott will also spend $8.6 million on civil works, engineering and other implementation costs.

“It benefits our business and the environment by enabling us to produce water in lightweight bottles at lower cost,” said Rick Dobry, President North America for Cott. “This equipment enhances Cott’s ability to compete in the large and fast growing bottled water category. It also allows our customers to lower their carbon footprint by shifting to lower weight bottles while continuing to satisfy growing consumer demand. We look forward to partnering with the industry leaders, GE and Sidel, to build our business in a profitable and sustainable manner.”