Former NFL player Chad Hennings,Endorses bio2TONIC, Joins Beverage Creations Board of Directors

ST. PAUL, Minn. Beverage Creations, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: BVRG), a hydration technologies corporation based in St. Paul, MN, announced today that 3-time NFL World Champion and former Dallas Cowboys Defensive Tackle, Chad Hennings, has endorsed their bio2TONIC beverage product. Mr. Hennings has additionally joined the BVRG Board of Directors to lead many efforts including a marketing campaign targeted towards the NFL and other professional sports markets worldwide.


"bio2TONIC Energized Hydration System gives me the natural energy boost and hydration during exercise. It is the perfect complement to my workouts," stated Chad Hennings.

It is the intent of the aforementioned marketing campaign to utilize Mr. Hennings nationally recognized athletics experience to present the impactful results of bio2TONIC to many sports teams across America. It is the opinion of Mr. Hennings as well as the BVRG organization, that the bio2TONIC product is designed to enhance the athletic performance and become the norm for increasing longevity in the overall health of both professional and recreational athletes.

"We are honored to have the endorsement of Mr. Hennings and additionally pleased of his acceptance onto our Board of Directors. We believe that his expertise and existing relationships within the industry will propel our organization to its necessary platform, ultimately receiving a national presence in the sports world," stated Bob Wieden, President & CEO of Beverage Creations, Inc.