Apple Rush & E-Water See West Coast & Asian Gains

Apple Rush’s (APRU.PK) West Coast & Export Sales Manager Stewart Cohen has announced that through an aggressive marketing approach, activity for Apple Rush has begun in Southern California. Stewart was quoted as saying, "The product has been introduced to many Retailers in the Natural Food and Specialty Trades as well as Distributors. So far the Organic line of Apple Rush(TM) sparkling juices has been received very well." Stewart went on to say, "In one 4-hour store demo at Gerrard’s Market in Redlands, CA only 4 bottles remained from a full shelf. It was truly amazing to see Apple Rush move so fast." Currently in California Apple Rush is being distributed by Natures Best, Beach Cities Refreshments, and Tree of Life- Distributors who are moving Apple Rush forward by calling on key chain accounts such as Gelson’s Markets, Smart & Final, and Bristol Farms.BLUE ISLAND, Ill.

Internationally, the company is working to receive JAS Certification, Japan’s own Organic Certificate. The Certification will be facilitated by MIE Project Co. LTD, an all-Organic importer with a very extensive customer base. In a move to further expand their distribution overseas Apple Rush and RushNet, Inc.’s (RSHN.PK)e-water®will both be present at this year’s Japan Foodex ’08, Japan and Asia’s largest food and beverage trade expo with attendance expected to be around 100,000 over 4 days. Similar moves are being made in South Korea regarding Organic Certification.

"My plans are to continue our aggressive approach to selling these markets and obtain the necessary Certifications," said Stewart. "This is a going to be a really exciting year for Apple Rush."

Apple Rush Company, Inc. is a producer and marketer of Organic 100% Juice beverages with nearly 40 Distributors throughout the U.S., and in foreign markets, that sell the line to retailers. The lightly carbonated Organic Apple Rush(TM)bottle line currently has six highly regarded flavors that will be available in 12 oz. cans in early 2008. More information is available at