HydroOne debuts diabetic-targeted waters


HydroOne was founded in 2005 with the mission of becoming the world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based solutions. “At HydroOne,” says Dr. Baban, “we realize that while the cost of diabetes in the current environment is certainly significant, solutions to the problem need not be expensive. The least costly solution of all is prevention through changing diet and providing healthy food and beverages to reverse the bad habits of diet and lifestyle that can have such a damaging effect on overall health.”

HydroOne’s diabetic nutritional beverage, REV•D, both hydrates AND provides the optimum nutrients necessary to improve diabetes management. REV•D contains 10 vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts specifically and scientifically formulated to help in the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels and provide antioxidant support to help protect healthy cells from free radical damage.

REV•D contains
• NO Carbohydrates
• NO Sugar
• NO Sodium
• NO Caffeine

More importantly, REV•D is the ONLY beverage containing a natural herbal extract which supports improved blood sugar control, optimizes healthy cholesterol levels, and bolsters healthy blood pressure.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has certified that one 20 oz. bottle of REV•D is equal to one free food exchange.
(Based on the Exchange List for Meal Planning, copyrighted by the American Diabetes Association, 2003).

According to Global Industry Analysts, the functional food and drinks market has been moving to the forefront thanks to innovative products, citing products that support a variety of health applications such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, aging, kidney disorders and heart health.

States Dr. Baban, “Our unique formulations have been designed based on an ancient and powerful concept of medicine: Healing and Balance. We understand the importance of balance in all aspects of human existence: spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual. Furthermore, we understand the complexity of living in the modern era.

REV waters are unique alternatives to tap, bottled/mineral water, and all other alternative beverages currently on the market today. REV waters contain vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts specifically and scientifically formulated to help and promote healthy hydration, maintain blood glucose levels, and provide the nutrients beneficial for visual and circulatory health. REV waters are the bridges which link your healthy life to the future. They are the Hydration for Tomorrow.”