Power Trip® Beverages partners with Mount Olympus waters to bring back popular Kwencher fruit waters

DAVIE, FL. – December 11, 2008 -Power Trip® Beverages (www.powertripbev.com), a diversified beverage leader specialized in bringing vitamin enhanced functional energy drinks with great taste and exciting flavors to distributors, retailers and consumers, today announced it has partnered with Mount Olympus Waters, Inc. to re-introduce Kwencher flavored water back into the consumer marketplace. Kwencher was a widely popular brand of non-carbonated water with a major splash of fruit flavor that in its heyday had distribution throughout the Unites States and Europe. Kwencher contains 100 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin C, has the right balance of sweetness and fruity flavor and is available in 6 flavors; Berry-Berry, Cherry-Cherry, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Crème, Kiwi Strawberry and Strawberry Vanilla. Kwencher becomes the newest addition to the Power Trip Beverage product line joining its flagship energy products, the recently acquired Hooters Energy Drink and Ron Jon Water, further diversifying the growing beverage company’s line of quality beverages.

Kwencher gained national distribution and widespread popularity in the 1990’s under specific licensing agreements. When internal financial issues with its co-packer surfaced, the brand was taken back by its owner, Mount Olympus Waters. However, it never lost its appeal and with a commitment from Power Trip to handle distribution and marketing, the brand that had captured the attention of parents and kids is now back.

“Kwencher is the perfect product for us to align with to extend the Power Trip reach to a younger audience and their parents,” said Power Trip Beverage President Doug Stuart. “If the very positive response to the product at the recent NACS Show is any indication, we should see some strong performance from Kwencher. We look forward to working with our current distributor partners in getting this brand to them and to opening up new opportunities with others who can now learn about us through yet another offering.”

Mount Olympus Waters is pleased to partner with Power Trip Beverages to re-introduce Kwencher to distributors and the consumer marketplace,” said William C. Bailey, President and Owner of Mount Olympus Waters, Inc. “We saw how strong and how much brand loyalty Kwencher had with consumers and with the Power Trip partnership we believe we can get back to the national market penetration we once had.”

Power Trip® Beverages, Inc. is a South Florida-based company that has become a diversified beverage company with one of the fastest growing energy drink brands in the country. Recognized as a flavored vitamin energy specialist, the company offers a line-up of four energy drinks – Original Blue, Mango, Power Trip “0”and The Extreme – made from the highest quality ingredients designed to rival or exceed the current market leaders. Power Trip® energy drinks are more vitamin-packed than any of the other leading energy drinks on the market today. Power Trip® Beverage products are currently available in 20 states including New York, Florida and California, and sold via the web at www.amazon.com and www.powertripbev.com. In addition, Power Trip products are available internationally throughout the Caribbean and the Middle East. By the end of this year, the company projects that its reach will span 25 states and 6 additional international markets bringing the total to 12 countries. Power Trip has also recently taken on world-wide sales and distribution rights for Hooters Energy Drink and has been handling the well-known Ron Jon water brand for several years.

For more information on Power Trip® Beverages, its various sponsorships and promotional and sampling tours in a specific region and the company’s complete product lineup, visit www.powertripbev.com.

For centuries a clear mountain spring on Mount Olympus in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah has flowed pure and sweet, very low in dissolved solids and high in oxygen.

In 1898 the Mount Olympus Fruit and Livestock Farm Company was formed to capture the spring water at its source and distribute it in Salt Lake Valley. More than a hundred years later is honored as the paragon of Western spring waters and is found in offices, homes and retail outlets, mostly in the Mountain States.

The Mount Olympus spring is located southeast of Salt Lake City at the 5,000 foot level of Neff’s Canyon, a protected source surrounded by a federally-designated wilderness area. It’s quality is very uniform, and there is no chlorine, harsh chemicals or impurities to alter the pristine taste of Mount Olympus Spring Water. It percolates through ancient beds of permeable rock, naturally filtering it as it moves toward our spring.

In fact, more than fifty years of water analyses indicate no discernible change in quality or mineral composition of the water.

The Mount Olympus Spring flow is piped to our collection point in Mount Olympus Cove, and transported to the Mount Olympus mid-valley bottling plant in stainless steel tankers.

It is quality tested in the Mount Olympus Laboratory many times each day before it is placed in bottles. Its quality is also monitored by the International Bottled Water Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Utah Department of Agriculture, and the National Sanitation Foundation. For more information visit www.mowi.com.