New Look for Purple Stuff label

Tim Lucas the new Chief Marketing Officer as of November 1st, 2008 with Funktional Beverages, Inc. has announced that he is in agreement with the earlier reviews by Bevnet. Mr. Lucas’ statement is in reference to the Bevnet reviews on July 24th and 31st of Purple Stuff Berry Calming, Classic Grape and Sippin Citrus. In the reviews from earlier this year Bevnet wrote on Sippin Citrus.

Sippin Citrus
Category: Other; Packaging: 16 oz can BevNET Review:
From a flavor point of view, Sippin Citrus is a very enjoyable product. Using a blend of crystalline fructose and sucralose, the product delivers a clean citrus flavor that has a bit of herbal and vitamin influence to it. It drinks similarly to a CSD or an energy drink, but it has been branded as a “calming elixir” due to its use of valerian root, rosehip powder, and L-theanine (and lack of caffeine, of course). That added function — and lack of caffeine — make it a nice option for consumers who are seeking something that tastes functional but won’t give them the shakes. Packaging has a hippie whimsical feeling to it, which is certainly a fine approach to a relaxation drink. However, like many new products, this one could use a bit of refinement. Specifically, we think there are too many text elements that don’t help increase the chance of a consumer purchasing the drink (e.g. “Lean with it”). In addition, turning up the color saturation and making the can brighter might give the drink a more positive and attractive look. Overall, we like the concept and what’s inside the can, but we’d like to see some improvement to the outside.

On Tuesday Dec. 16th Houston community activist Quanell X called the office of Mr. Lucas and expressed his concern over the phrase “Lean With It” and explained that the phrase refers to an illicit drug combination popularized in Southern rap music in the city of Houston. Mr. Lucas explained to Mr. Quanell X that Funktional Beverages had plans to remove the phrase from the cans in the near future. Mr. Quanell X expressed his gratitude for the company’s plans to remove the phrase.

“I have read the reviews that our products had received from Bevnet and I am in agreement with the suggested label changes. Our label change will place focus on the function of our products and their beneficial properties. This will only add to the design that has been so well received in the marketplace.” Said Tim Lucas of Funktional Beverages, Inc.