New Sugar Free Drink Mix Takes The Market By Storm


Los Angeles, CA (December 24, 2008) This years cold and flu season marks the arrival of a new vitamin filled energy mix that all consumers can enjoy and is also suitable for diabetics.

Hip Hop Beverage Corporation, the manufacturers of Pit Bull Energy Products answered the call of consumers demanding a better tasting sugar free powder mix by creating the ResCue Vitamin Filled Energy Mix. ResCue comes in a stick pack and easily dissolves in a 16.9 to 20 ounce bottle of water.

With 1200 mgs of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamins A, D and E ResCue reigns supreme. The lemon-lime flavor also helps it stand above other powders because ResCue is sugar free with no calories, no carbohydrates, no sugar and no fat and is suitable for diabetics. ResCue is an excellent thirst quencher that is non-effervescent, has no after taste and consumers get a bonus with an energy blend of Ginseng, Taurine and Guarana.

Based on the nutrient analysis, serving size and ingredient composition, ResCue Vitamin Filled Energy Mix qualifies as a free food product on a diabetic diet. These dietary exchanges are based on the Exchange List for Meal Planning by the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association.

ResCue Vitamin Filled Energy Mix has a 1 year shelf life and is portable and comes in a waterproof stickpack. ResCue easily clears airport security and can be enjoyed with bottled water while traveling and on the go.

Orders are now being taken for Rescue by contacting the corporate offices at 1-800-686-3697. ResCue comes in a master case of 24 cartons and each carton has 10 stick packs for a total of 240 stickpacks. Rescue makes an attractive presentation for C-store counter displays or fits in the grocery department along side Propel and Crysal Light or the nutrition aisle alongside EmergenC. The superb distributor pricing allows distributors to enjoy a 30% to 45% profit.

For more information contact JD Michaux at 1-800-686-3697 or email at publicity` Visit the rescue website at