SoNu Beverages Introduces the First Clear Difference

New York, NY – February 19, 2008 – In the growing premium beverage market, SoNu Beverages LLC today introduced SoNu Water, certified organic water. Arriving in northeast U.S. stores beginning in March, the line of six flavored waters is also distinctive in that it is enhanced with both vitamins and electrolytes. The water is the first signature product of SoNu Beverages, LLC, a New York-based newcomer in the premium beverage marketplace.

SoNu Water is a low-calorie beverage with 45 calories, 110% RDA vitamin C and 20% RDA of four essential B vitamins and minerals per 8 oz. serving.  The beverage also contains electrolytes; no artificial sweeteners or preservatives; and features vitamin-protective packaging.   

Available in six different flavors, consumers can choose from pomegranate ≈ acai; lemon ≈ tangerine; strawberry ≈ cranberry; blueberry ≈ pear; mango ≈ peach; and tropical ≈ passion fruit.

SoNu Water is USDA certified organic, meaning the ingredients are produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. The ingredients contain no antibiotics, growth hormones, and were not produced using pesticides.  The packaging and manufacturing of SoNu Water is also USDA certified.  Additionally, SoNu Water is kosher certified by the Orthodox Union

Packaged in a distinctive 16 fl. oz. single serve PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle, the SoNu Water container keeps the contents fresh and weighs much less than glass.  

“The strong momentum of the organic and health sectors, coupled with the limited number of companies in these markets inspired me to create a company and product that would fulfill these niche categories,” said SoNu Beverages’ CEO Brad Winter, a Wall Street stock trader.  “I know a good investment opportunity when I see one.”   

The suggested retail price for SoNu Water is $1.99 per bottle, a competitive price within the enhanced water category.  The sales plan for 2008 includes convenience stores, retail chain accounts, gas stations, grocery stores, schools, universities, hospitals and gyms in the northeast U.S. states including New York; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; New Hampshire; Vermont; Connecticut; Massachusetts; Rhode Island; Delaware and Maine; as well as Florida towards the end of 2008.

The brand roll-out will be supported with a fully integrated marketing program that includes consumer sampling programs; event marketing; celebrity endorsements; point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays; vehicle branding; viral marketing; print, Web and broadcast advertisements; and public relations.

About SoNu Beverages: SoNu Beverages, LLC provides the highest quality organic, vitamin-enhanced, flavored beverage products.  The company places premier value in its relationship with customers.  It strives to communicate appreciation through outstanding products and a commitment to honest and responsible business practices, service and execution. / 212.244.SONU (7668)